La Belle Vie Memberships

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La Belle Vie Memberships

At La Belle Vie Medical Care & Aesthetics, we’re not just any other medspa. We have unique treatments and programs designed to serve you, our customers, to the best of our ability. Many of our customers don’t know we have membership programs for our special La Belle Vie clients—those who frequently visit and want to become VIPs at our Draper, Utah spa. Keep reading if you’d like to become a La Belle Vie member!

What Is a La Belle Vie Membership?

A La Belle Vie membership essentially allows our frequent customers to budget a specific amount of money each month toward their treatments. But that’s not all it entails. Our members also get a discount on the services and products they love! So, depending on your membership tier, your membership plan allows you to allocate some savings into your “La Belle Vie bank.” It’s like personal savings account toward future services and purchases!

A La Belle Vie membership is a great idea if you want to save up for some big-ticket services like CoolSculpting, FemiLift, or our Skin Care Spa Services.

How Much Does a La Belle Vie Membership Cost?

Your La Belle Vie membership costs depend on the membership tier and the kinds of services you purchase. For example, Silver members pay $99 a month alongside the allocated savings for that tier. Gold members pay $149 a month alongside heightened discounts and savings. And Black members get the ultimate savings on services and products, paying $199 a month. We also have hair removal plans. Hair removal membership plans increase in pricing depending on whether you want small areas, large areas, or full body services.

What Do I Get With a La Belle Vie Membership?

Now that we’ve discussed how much the memberships cost, you’re probably asking yourself: “What do I actually get with each of these membership tiers?” Don’t worry. Our memberships give you a lot of bang for your buck! In the next section, we’ll go through the tiers individually to tell you exactly what benefits you will receive.

Silver Membership

The Silver membership is the cheapest of the three membership tiers. As we mentioned, you will pay $99 monthly for this membership. In exchange, you will get a deep discount on Botox at $11 per unit. Additionally, you will receive up to 10 percent off aesthetic services and $25 off fillers. Finally, you will receive 10 percent off any products purchased in our Draper spa. Of course, the money you pay toward your membership fee will also go into your services “bank”!

Gold Membership

The Gold membership is the medium membership tier. Clients in this tier pay $149 monthly for their membership. This gives them a discount on Botox or Dysport at $10 per unit. Additionally, you will receive up to 25 percent off aesthetic services, up to 5 percent off medical services, and $50 off of fillers. Finally, you will receive 15 percent off any skin care products purchased from the medspa. And the money you invest toward your membership fee will also go into your services “bank”!

Black Membership

The Black membership is the top membership tier. You pay $199 a month for the black membership. However, this tier gives you a discount on Botox or Dysport at $9 per unit. Additionally, you will receive up to 50 percent off aesthetic services, 10 percent off medical services, and $100 off dermal fillers. Finally, you will receive 20 percent off any skin care products purchased at La Belle Vie. As with the other two tiers, the funds you deposit into your membership account are “banked” for later services.

Hair Removal Membership

La Belle Vie also offers Hair removal memberships. These are 18-month plans for hair removal on any part of the body. For small area memberships, you will pay $55 a month. Medium area memberships are $75 a month. And for large area hair removal, our clients pay $95 a month. For extra large area memberships, you will pay $125 a month. Full body memberships for men are $220 a month for 24 months, while full body memberships for women are $195 each month for 24 months.

How Long Do I Need to Have a La Belle Vie Membership?

To have a membership plan with La Belle Vie, you must commit to your membership plan for at least a year before you can cancel. And your discounts will no longer be available once you cancel your membership. But, of course, the savings you put toward your membership will never expire! And you may use prior banked money at any time for any products or services at La Belle Vie.

How Can I Cancel My Membership Plan?

You can cancel your membership plan after one year by calling the La Belle Vie office or visiting in person. You must provide a 30-day notice if you plan on canceling your membership. Your available banked funds will never expire after you cancel, but those funds must be used for goods or services at La Belle Vie. No refunds or cash-back options will be available for unused funds.

Should I Become a Member at La Belle Vie?

Becoming a La Belle Vie Medical Care & Aesthetics member has a lot of perks! If you are a frequent visitor to our medical spa in Draper, you could benefit tremendously from any of the discounts mentioned above. For example, if you get Botox or Dysport quite often, you stand to save a lot of money with a La Belle Vie membership. Not only will you have money set aside for your treatment, but the cost of your Botox or Dysport will also be reduced.

Can I Still Take Advantage of All the Other Monthly Specials?

Absolutely! You can save even more on your favorite services by combining your membership savings plan with our periodic monthly specials and discounts! If you frequent La Belle Vie ofter, one of our membership plans can be an excellent option for you. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out today!

And don’t forget—our memberships also make great gifts to show someone you care all year round!

Our Rewards Program

Do you love your visits to La Belle Vie Medical Spa in Draper, Utah? Share the love with a friend! For every friend you refer, we’ll give you a $25 La Belle Vie Reward Credit after your friend makes a qualifying purchase and finishes their first treatment. Additionally, your friend will also receive $25 off their first treatment package! Our rewards program is for everyone, regardless of membership.

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