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Certified CoolSculpting PracticeAre you struggling with excess fat that resists physical exercises and healthy diet? At La Belle Vie Medical Care & Aesthetics, we can get rid of stubborn fat with our revolutionary procedure CoolSculpting, a non-invasive fat reduction treatment. The CoolSculpting procedure is easy, safe, and offers real results. The CoolSculpting procedure helps women and men get rid of those stubborn bulges, for good.

FDA has Now Cleared CoolSculpting to Tighten Neck & Skin!

CoolSculpting is the first and only non-surgical fat reduction technology to earn the FDA clearance to improve the appearance of lax tissue along with fat reduction for a double chin.

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Why Kristin Davis Chose the CoolSculpting® Treatment

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Before and After CoolSculpting

Common Treatment Areas Include:

  • Abdomen
  • Love Handles
  • Inner Thighs
  • Outer Thighs
  • Bra Fat
  • Chin
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Frequently Asked Questions About CoolSculpting

A CoolSculpting expert will start by marking the specific areas that require treatment and preparing the skin around those areas with a protective gel. Then the CoolSculpting wand is applied to the treatment areas for as little as 35 minutes. The patient may feel a little pressure from the wand suction and slight cold tingling sensation between minute three and five of the treatment process, but the area becomes numb afterward.

A deep massage is done immediately after the CoolSculpting treatment to mobilize the excess fat that has been released from the damaged fat cells. The massage will last for two or three minutes, and it will also help improve the lymphatic drainage of the fat. The actual treatment procedure is simple and straightforward. You can even read a book or bring a laptop during the treatment!

People start noticing changes approximately three weeks after the CoolSculpting treatment, however, the most noticeable outcome will appear after two months. Your body will continue to flush out the excess fats several months after the treatment.

Since the CoolSculpting procedure is non-surgical, you are free to resume your normal activities immediately after. Although some patients tend to experience minor bruising or redness of the treated areas this feeling goes away shortly after the procedure. You can return to work immediately.

There are no significant side effects associated with CoolSculpting apart from the redness and slight bruising of the treated areas, which is normal. Some patients may also experience numbness.

CoolSculpting is approved for treating stubborn fat in the abdomen, flanks, neck, bra fat, back fat, inner and outer thighs, upper arms, and underneath the buttocks. Treatments to different areas can be performed same day.

The CoolSculpting cost will vary depending on the treatment areas and the number of CoolSculpting treatments needed. The larger areas tend to cost more compared to smaller areas. The procedure can be applied to eight body parts namely; underneath the buttocks, abdomen, inner and outer thighs, neck, flanks, back fat, bra fat and the upper arms.

Everybody’s body differs, along with their goals in terms of health and physical appearance. Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment that is appropriate for each patient. Some people may only need one CoolSculpting session to achieve their goals, while others may require two to three sessions; especially if they are wanting to eliminate fat from a couple different areas. Your CoolSculpting specialist will create a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs and desired results.

YES, CoolSculpting is permanent! The fat cells that are targeted by the controlled cooling process are killed during the treatment. In the following weeks, your body will naturally process and eliminate those now-dead cells, giving you long-term results that become most apparent one to three months.

You could, but nothing major. Reducing fat and losing weight are different goals. CoolSculpting is aimed at helping you remove fat and sculpt your body, particularly from those common problem areas (abdomen, bra fat, neck, thighs, and upper arms). When people lose weight, their fat cells are simply reduced in size, but they remain. In comparison, CoolSculpting can reduce the actual number of fat cells in the treated area by about 20 to 25 percent. While you may notice no difference on the scale, you will look thinner and have a more sculpted body.

CoolSculpting sessions are relatively short. The time of a session may vary based off the treatment plan you’ve devised with your CoolSculpting expert, but they generally will last between 35 and 60 minutes.

CoolSculpting is not an invasive procedure and is relatively easy on your body. Even still, there are few things you should avoid before going in for your procedure. First, make sure the skin in the area you are treating is healthy, devoid of cuts, bruises, sunburns, or other damage. You also should not tan the targeted area right before your session, as it can make the skin more sensitive. Second, do not take medications or supplements that thin your blood. This includes aspirin and other anticoagulants, as well as St John’s Wort, fish oils (omega 3 fatty acids), ginseng, ginger, ginkgo biloba, garlic, dong quai, ephedra, and feverfew. Drink plenty of water and eat nutritious food so your body is equipped to undergo the procedure.

Directly after the CoolSculpting treatment is completed, the CoolSculpting specialist will conduct a two- to three-minute deep-tissue massage to help improve the lymphatic drainage of the fat. You may also find massaging the area in the following weeks helps ease certain mild side effects, such as numbness or itching, by motivating blood flow.

Wearing Spanx after your CoolSculpting session will not increase the effectiveness or lead to better results, as the cells are killed during the treatment and your body will do the rest of the work in the following weeks. However, it is okay to wear compression.

No, nerve damage is not a side effect of CoolSculpting. During the treatment, you may experience discomfort in the form of pinching, pulling, tingling, and stinging sensations that last a couple minutes before the area goes numb. Other temporary side effects at the site—such as redness, bruising, tenderness, cramping, aching, and sensitivity—will usually subside within a few days or weeks.

CoolSculpting is not designed to be a weight-loss solution for those who are obese and require a more drastic solution, such as gastric bypass surgery. Additionally, individuals who suffer from paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, cryoglobulinemia, and cold agglutinin disease are not good candidates for CoolSculpting.

No. Most people agree the CoolSculpting procedure is fairly painless, and no anesthesia is required. Some patients may experience a slight pressure from the wand suction, as well as a cold, tingling sensation, early on in the treatment. Within the first five minutes of the freezing applicator being placed, however, the treated area will become numb. In fact, the treatment causes so little discomfort, you can easily read a book, take a nap, watch television, work on your laptop, or do other activities during your session.

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