Hand Rejuvenation

Taking exceptional care of your skin, including your face and the rest of your body, can help you look years younger than your age. However, the aging process is not as avoidable in the hands. After all, hands tend to go through a lifetime of daily wear and tear, involving exposure to the sun, water, strong household and grooming products, neglect, and other contributors to aging. But, the most severe changes in the hands are typically due to loss of tissue volume over the years.

Hands can change from their smooth, ample, youthful condition, to looking older than your age. Fortunately, modern dermatology now provides a quick and effective hand rejuvenation solution.


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Hand Rejuvenation

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Frequently Asked Questions

A long-time popular cosmetic practice is to inject filler into various areas of the face, such as cheeks, around the eyes, and in the lips, to add volume. Fillers also work very well in the hands, providing beautiful results, similarly to the way the fillers affect the facial areas. Using filler in the backs of hands helps replace depleted volume, diminish wrinkles, correct discolorations, and minimize protrusion of bones and veins.

We normally use Restylane Lift, an HA filler that is dissolvable, for Hand Rejuvenation treatment using The Filler Solution. This brief process is safe and spectacularly effective. In fact, Restylane Lyft is a hyaluronic acid filler that the FDA has approved for the treatment of the face and hands.

Results from injections into the hands with Restylane Lyft can last from up to a full year. Our clients love the more attractive, youthful results this solution provides!

Clients typically express surprise that using the Restylane Lyft syringes causes little or no pain. By comparison, placing the needle in the backs of the hands for the hand filler injections is generally far less painful than injections of facial filler.

The Providers at La Belle Vie are experts in injection for Hand Rejuvenation treatment. They work carefully with each client before and during the brief process, to determine whether numbing cream or other pain treatment is needed, to help you remain comfortable throughout your visit.

The loss of tissue volume in the hands over the years causes wrinkling of the skin as well as protrusion of veins, bones, and tendons. Even the best efforts to protect the skin on the hands are typically not very successful in inhibiting these kinds of natural effects of aging. It’s not uncommon to experience some degree of negative effects on self-esteem, due to the loss of a more vital appearance. In more severe cases, reduced self-confidence can inhibit an individual’s ability to function happily in some social situations, or to be fully engaged at work.

The only effective approach to offsetting the loss of volume is replacing it. In the early days of cosmetic treatment to replace volume, actual fat was transferred into the affected area. But, because fat is live tissue, not all of it endures transplanting. Additionally, in some cases, treatments had to be repeated, in order to achieve a better, smoother, more natural appearance. Alternatively, with hand fillers, clients can depend on achieving the desired results, the effects can last for many months.

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