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Here at La Belle Vie, we believe that everyone should look and feel amazing. Located in Draper, Utah, we’re one of the leading medical spas in the entire area. Our team has deep knowledge about the latest aesthetic techniques that help create the beautiful, natural look you’ve been searching for. From wrinkles and age spots to acne and sagging skin, we have the skills you need to feel gorgeous in your own body. If you want to look and feel your best, give La Belle Vie a call today to make an appointment!

For those seeking the perfect pouty lips, we offer two great options; lip pop botox and a lip plump. Both of these aesthetic solutions can add volume to your lips to create those beautiful lips you’ve always dreamed of.

Lip Plump

Lip plump is a treatment that uses fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm to create fuller lips. Also referred to as lip augmentation, a lip plump involves the use of an injectable dermal filler which is placed into lips to give them more plump. Although there are many types of dermal fillers out there, fillers containing substances similar to hyaluronic acid are the most common today. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found inside our bodies, and it is a great resource for adding volume to our lips. But aside from just the volume, these fillers are used to also help with the structure and shape of our lips.

Lip Pop

Lip pop botox is a treatment that goes around the edge of lips to give them a pleasing shape. The process involves a few small injections of botox into the upper lip, which then helps to soothe the muscles in the area, reduce wrinkles, and can give the upper lip a fuller appearance. This procedure is especially suitable for those who feel like they have a “gummy” smile. In order to fill up that unwanted space above your teeth, a larger upper lip can make that all possible. Additionally, some women feel like their upper lip disappears once they smile. The lip pop procedure can help to boost the look and feel of your upper lip, providing the bigger, fuller smile you want. Our injections work to relax the area used to pull the lip upwards, which creates less pull on your upper lip and less gum showing when you smile.


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Lip Pop & Lip Filler

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Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

There are many benefits to using hyaluronic acid fillers. Take a look at these benefits below:


Controlled Pace of Treatment
The injections can be given gradually over time, so the patient can customize their treatment plan until desired results are reached.


Volume Control
The patient has complete control over how much volume they want in their lips—the amount of filler injected can be controlled.


There is always a chance of bruising so plan your special events accordingly.


Limited Bumps
Another benefit of these fillings is that lumps and bumps can be removed easily.


Long-lasting Results
Although the fillers aren’t permanent, the procedure can be done on an annual basis.


Lower Chance of Allergic Reaction
Given the natural substance that is used, that limits the chance of an allergic reaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long after my lip treatment will I see the results?

Filler works relatively quickly. Patients begin to see results within 30 minutes. There may also be a little bruising and swelling so wait a day or two to see the final results.

What if I don't like my results? What if my lips end up too big?

At La Belle Vie we take a very conservative approach especially if it’s a patient’s first time with lip filler. We start out with a minimal amount and add more slowly until you get the desired result. That being said if you still don’t like the fullness there are ways we can dissolve the filler and you can go back to where you were before you started. Our goal is always a natural beautiful result. Our injectors pride themselves on creating beautiful, natural-looking results.

Is the procedure painful?

Most patients report very little pain to slight pain similar to a bee sting or pinch. We use numbing cream to help with the sting or pinching sensation.

How long does the procedure take?

Most procedures take 15 minutes or less.

Are there possible side effects with lip filler?

When administered by a properly trained injector there are minimal side effects. In some cases there can be some minor swelling and/or bruising. If facial fillers are not injected properly, it can cause pain, and it can result in an odd-looking appearance. It’s extremely important to research the injector before you trust your face or lips to them. Look for a nurse practitioner or physicians assistant with extensive training and experience, not someone just starting out. Make sure they are using only top of the line injection products like Restylane, Juvederm and Versa.

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