Get Rid of a Double Chin in Utah

If you’re not loving the contour of your neck and jawline, La Belle Vie can help you regain a youthful, slender appearance.  Until recently, there were very few options for refreshing the sensitive areas of the chin and neck. In the past, removing fat, wrinkles and sagging from these areas required extensive surgery, but here at La Belle Vie, we have the latest and greatest, double chin non-surgical solutions! We custom treat your chin and neck with a combination of Coolsculpting and fat-dissolving fillers.

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Paula Abbott
May 9, 2024

I highly recommend this medical spa. Kelly and her staff were so friendly and knowledgeable. They answered all our questions and had very good insight. They were very professional and have a lot of knowledge and experience. I was very confident that we would be happy with the services they provide. I will be a returning customer.

Kyle (Kyle)
May 6, 2024

Thank you Kelly for being understanding of my condition and helping me out with no notice. Very comfortable environment. Much needed and appreciated.

Whitney Nielson
May 1, 2024

Over the past few years, I’ve had numerous visits and each time I’ve received the absolute best care and highly recommend Le Belle Vie. Kelly is truly one of a kind; she is always smiling, consistently goes above and beyond to prioritize her patients' comfort, desires, and well-being. Her warmth and kindness make every visit a fantastic experience!

CoolSculpting Mini – CoolSculpting for double chin

CoolSculpting double chin treatments are a non-invasive method for reducing under-chin fat without needles or surgery. The fat cells are frozen, then massaged to stimulate the movement of the fat cells to exit the body. The entire process takes well under one hour. CoolSculpting Mini is recommended for treating small areas such as the neck and a double chin. During your initial visit, a trained nurse or esthetician considers your neck and chin from multiple angles to decide the best areas to apply the treatment.

Once a customized treatment plan has been determined, each treatment precisely delivers controlled cooling at specific locations. The targeted fat cells are gently crystalized or frozen beneath the skin, which causes these cells to die off and naturally leave your body. CoolMini treatments have no downtime and you can expect noticeable results within 3 weeks.

Double Chin Tightening with Kybella® Injections in Utah

Kybella injections are recommended for reducing mild to moderate fat deposits under the chin, especially when the shape of the mass is convex. Kybella® is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, which the body makes on its own to naturally absorb and destroy fat cells. The procedure involves delineating a grid to receive small injections that target fat cells which hang below the chin to slowly melt the fat away.

This nonsurgical procedure only takes 20 minutes and Instead of entering the bloodstream the fat cells are naturally excreted from the body. Again, expect a minimum of downtime with Kybella® injections. Most patients report minor redness, bruising, or swelling, which is normal as the fat cells continue to melt away. Good results are obtained after a few weeks of Kybella® injections.

Profound Skin Tightening

Profound is a non-surgical option to promote collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin production within the body. As we age, the elasticity of skin decreases, limiting the skin’s ability to remain supple and firm. When you consider this along with reduced collagen levels (the skin’s main structural protein), the result is skin that becomes slack and loose. The professionals at La Belle Vie place a handpiece over the targeted skin area and use microfine needles that penetrate the skin to deliver the proper amount of heat required to stimulate the tissues and produce more elastin.

The Profound laser skin tightening treatment uses the energy of radio frequencies to heat the skin for a specific time and at an optimum temperature to promote the creation of new elastin during the healing process. With just one Profound treatment, many patients are experiencing tighter and more youthful skin. The procedure is done under local anesthesia making it a pain-free experience.

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