Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins in Utah

If you are tired of unsightly spider veins, you have affordable options to help achieve smooth, beautiful legs. Sclerotherapy is an innovative procedure that does not require anesthesia and you can immediately resume normal activities. Sclerotherapy is an affordable treatment for spider veins and provides excellent results without risky surgery or downtime.

Complete recovery from sclerotherapy may take up to 8 weeks to see the full results, without swelling or bruising, but you should begin to see fading within just a few weeks. Depending on the number, size and the depth of your varicose veins or broken capillaries, you may need more than one treatment for optimal results.

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Why Choose Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins

Sclerotherapy is used for advanced, minimally-invasive treatment of feeder veins and spider veins. This safe, effective procedure uses individualized concentrations of FDA approved sclerosing solution to eliminate spider veins. Your professional trained La Belle Vie medical aesthetician will inject the solution directly into the targeted vein, this causes the vein to close in upon itself.

In-office sclerotherapy is well tolerated and only takes 20-30 minutes, on average. Post-treatment includes wearing compression stockings to help shrink the veins and decrease bruising and swelling.

Get a Spider Vein Consultation in Utah with La Belle Vie Medical Care & Aesthetics

When you make the decision to finally get rid of embarrassing spider veins, broken capillaries or bulging varicose veins – the experienced, caring professionals at La Belle Vie will determine the best treatment options available so you can be liberated from embarrassment and get back to your beautiful, confident self. In some cases, a combination of laser treatments and Sclerotherapy may be used.

We will review your medical history and conduct an exam of the problem areas. We will answer any questions you may have and talk about your expectations along with any potential risks. Be sure to let us know if any of the following circumstances apply to you:

If You are Pregnant

If You Have a Heart Condition

If You Have a Coagulation Disorder


Have Other Medical Conditions

About All Prescription and OTC Medication

If You Smoke

If You Take Oral Contraceptives

If You Have Any Allergies

What to Expect for Your Sclerotherapy Procedure

Do not apply lotion to your legs before or after sclerotherapy. We recommend that you do not apply lotion to your legs, face or other treatment areas before or after your visit.

For Sclerotherapy, your professional aesthetician will use a fine needle to slowly inject your customized solution into the targeted vein. Compression and massage are then applied to disperse the solution. A compression pad may be placed on the treated area if you are having more than one sclerotherapy injection during your visit.

Post-Treatment Care

After sclerotherapy, the treatment areas will be covered, and you will be required to wear compression socks. It is important that you stand up and walk around.

Moving your legs after the treatment will help prevent the formation of blood clots. Although you can resume normal activities, graduating compression stockings or bandages need to be worn for 1-3 weeks to maintain pressure on the treatment area(s).

Common Side Effects

After sclerotherapy, you can generally return to normal activities within a day. As with any treatment, there may be common side effects, these may include:




Raised red areas

Raised red areas

Small skin sores

Darkened Lines or Spots

Multiple Tiny Bed Blood Vessels

Serious complications, although rare, should be addressed immediately, these may include:


Blood Clots




Visual Problems

Varicose Vein and Spider Vein Treatment at La Belle Vie in Draper, Utah

To eradicate or drastically reduce the appearance of spider veins, La Belle Vie in Draper, Utah develops a personalized treatment plan based on your individual needs for professional sclerotherapy for lasting results. Click here or give us a call at 801-683-0356 for more information or to request your Consultation.