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July is one of our favorite months as we celebrate our freedoms and this beautiful country we live in! This July we also want to celebrate our diversity and our differences and what makes each of us beautiful and unique. The July specials listed may be purchased and used at a later date. You may text us at 801-987-8384 for any questions or concerns. You can text us with requests at 801-987-8384 now.  We will spacing appointments and sanitizing after each appointment to ensure everyone’s safety. Masks are mandatory to help stop the spread.  Now purchase monthly specials services and products online at

Chill Out with Coolsculpting


Have the summer body you’ve always wanted! *Must purchase 8 or more cycles. Come in and find out how we can sculpt your waist, sculpt your arms, sculpt your legs, and even your chin! Huge savings on fewer than 8 cycles too. There’s never been a better time to try Coolsculpting.


Get that perfect Summer Complexion

3 Diamond Glow Treatments + Skin Brightener – $499*

Try the latest treatment that offers three highly effective treatments in one! First microdermabrasion to with a fine-tip diamond head. Second, gentle but powerful extraction to eliminate all dirt, oil, dead skin and blackheads. And third infusing the skin with a serum chosen for you that reduces fine lines and wrinkles and infuses the skin with ultra hydrating moisture. Receive medical-grade skin brightener FREE*!


Say goodbye to that double chin forever!

Double Chin Treatment  – $450*

Oh what a difference a sleek and smooth chin and jawline can make! Now is the time to get that profile you’ve always wanted with huge savings on our double chin treatment. *Save $550! We use a fat dissolving compound to achieve a sleek new you! Come in for a free consultation.


Liquid Facelift Special

50 Units of Dysport FREE* with Purchase of 2 Restylane Syringes

Did you know that at La Belle Vie non-surgical facelifts are our specialty! In fact it’s one of our signature services as we have over 30 years’ experience. Let us work our magic reducing lines, wrinkles and even sagging skin with a combination of injectables to achieve a drastically more youthful appearance. And now you can save hundreds!


Radiesse and Jeauveau on Sale

Corona Mask Special

Buy 2 Radiesse and get 30 Units Jeuveau FREE*!

Forget your lips! Now that we all need to be wearing masks it’s time to smooth out and define that beautiful brow! With a powerful combination of filler (Radiesse) to define the brow and Jeuveau to smooth out the wrinkles you’ll be ready to show off those beautiful eyes and forehead!


Jeuveau & Dysport

Get Jeuveau or Dysport for only $9/unit*

*Minimum 20 Units. La Belle Vie is Utah’s premier medical spa and has helped thousands of people maintain the youthful, natural look they desire. At only $9/unit you can smooth out those fine lines and even prevent future wrinkles with just a few units of either Dysport or Jeuveau which are FDA-approved neurotoxins similar to Botox®.


Sale on Medical Grade Sunsceen Utah

Medical Grade Sun Protection

All Sunscreen 20% OFF*

Did you know the harsh rays of the summer sun is the biggest contributor to premature aging and wrinkles? Protect your beautiful skin with medical-grade skincare suncreen from La Belle Vie. All sunscreen is 20% off during the month of July!


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