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Membership Plans

What?  Sometimes it is easier to make monthly payments for the services that you want every month. Depending on the membership plan you choose, La Belle Vie Membership gives you an affordable way to budget the services and receive a discount at the same time. You already trust the amazing staff at La Belle Vie with your needs, now you can set aside your monthly amount in the La Belle Bank.

How? The Membership Program allows you to use your money on any services—it is your money to use however you want. It is like a savings account to use whenever and however you choose.  You choose the program that works best for you. Each month money is withdrawn from you account and placed into your La Belle Vie bank. The money can be used on any aesthetic service. You may use banked money for any product or service offered at La Belle Vie Medical Care & Aesthetics.

Cancelling? Your available money never expires. You must complete a full year of membership and then you may cancel with a 30-day notice. The banked money must be used on services at La Belle Vie. There are no cash refunds for any remaining funds.

Getting Started? The membership is simple; you sign up, set up your monthly deposit then start saving on almost everything at La Belle Vie.  There are no start-up fees.

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Membership Plans
$11/Unit Botox
Up to 10% off Aesthetic Services
$25 off Fillers
10% off Products

Bank your money membership program

$10/Unit Botox or Dysport
Up to 25% off Aesthetic Services
Up to 5% off Medical Services
$50 off fillers
15% off Skin Care Products

Bank your money membership program.

$9.00/Unit Botox or Dysport
$100 off Fillers
Up to 50% off Aesthetic Services
10% off Medical Procedures
20% off Skin Care Products

Bank your money membership program.

Small Area $55/Month
Medium Area $75/Month
Large Area $95/Month
Extra Large Area $125/Month
Full Body Women $195/Month for 24 Months
Full Body Men $220/Month for 24 Months
Hair Removal memberships are based on 18 months membership payment unless noted