LED Light Therapy

At La Belle Vie Medical Care and Aesthetics in Utah, we now offer as an add-on treatment, LED Light Therapy! Come in for a facial, Microneedling or other skincare treatment and add LED Light Therapy for added benefits. Regardless of our age, gender, skin color, or unique genetic makeup, few of us could say that we are completely satisfied with our skin. Whether we suffer from acne, age spots, or something as minor as a blotchy complexion, many of us desire a way to improve skin tone and lessen conditions that may keep us from experiencing the confidence that comes with beautiful skin from head to toe.

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Professional LED light therapy can improve your skin, alleviate other ailments and disorders, and bring greater health and wellness to your life. Consider the use of this type of therapy for a better quality of life, more confidence, and overall well being.

Paula Abbott
May 9, 2024

I highly recommend this medical spa. Kelly and her staff were so friendly and knowledgeable. They answered all our questions and had very good insight. They were very professional and have a lot of knowledge and experience. I was very confident that we would be happy with the services they provide. I will be a returning customer.

Kyle (Kyle)
May 6, 2024

Thank you Kelly for being understanding of my condition and helping me out with no notice. Very comfortable environment. Much needed and appreciated.

Whitney Nielson
May 1, 2024

Over the past few years, I’ve had numerous visits and each time I’ve received the absolute best care and highly recommend Le Belle Vie. Kelly is truly one of a kind; she is always smiling, consistently goes above and beyond to prioritize her patients' comfort, desires, and well-being. Her warmth and kindness make every visit a fantastic experience!

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy can provide numerous benefits for the skin and body including the following:.

Reduce and eliminate acne breakouts

Lower inflammation

Combat fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin

Benefits of Red Light

The use of red light therapy has several benefits, including:

Improves circulation beneath the skin

Assists the lymphatic system to drain and function normally

Increases skin healing and clears up conditions like acne, and eczema

Improves conditions related to low thyroid and restless leg syndrome

Aids in weight loss

Helps establish healthy sleep patterns

Decreases fine lines, wrinkles, and tones up sagging skin

LED Light Therapy FAQs

At La Belle Vie we charge $25 per treatment when LED Light Therapy is added to another skin care service such as a facial. It’s a great addition to one of our facials such as the Diamond Glow or Dermaplaning. Our master aestheticians may recommend a longer session depending on your skin condition. We recommend at least ten sessions to begin seeing best results, so your total cost will need to be considered as you consider treatment.

Devices that are designed for use at home can cost anywhere from $50-$250, but this may be more cost-effective in the long run, as you have the technology at your fingertips, and you can use whenever you wish. Results may not be as dramatic with home devices, however, and you may end up paying for a device that does not effectively treat your skin condition.

The U.S. Navy Seals began using this technology in the 90s to treat various skin ailments and wounds and to speed up the healing process. Since then, its application has been researched for use in aesthetically improving the condition of the skin. This therapy is known to increase collagen production and regenerate tissues, which can have a significant impact on the treatment of acne-prone, irritated, and inflamed skin. It is also quite effective at reducing and even eliminating fine lines and wrinkles.

A number of different frequencies and wavelengths are used to treat the skin, but the two most popular therapies involve the use of blue and red light.

Red light is used because it is able to more effectively permeate outer layers of skin, applying heat and healing to cells in the body. Red light does not damage your skin like a tanning bed or a day at the beach, and there are virtually no side effects.
No. The technique is painless, and results last long after treatment sessions have ended. Many satisfied patients attest to the effectiveness of red light application and they continue to use it to treat and maintain skin conditions.
Yes. LED Light Therapy is completely save. LEDs do not contain ultraviolet rays, therefore, they are safe for regular use. LED light therapy doesn’t cause burns or peeling as you might receive when getting a chemical peel, dermabrasion, or laser treatment.

Blue Light Applications

While there are some negative connotations around the use of blue light, it use as atherapy to treat ailments and skin conditions is highly regarded in dermatology and medical circles. Some common uses of blue light include:

Treating jaundice in newborns

Treating and alleviating depression

Clearing up acne related breakouts

Reducing issues related to atopic dermatitis and eczema

Helps to correct sleep patterns and reduces daytime fatigue

Helps to increase alertness

Speeds up the metabolism

The use of blue light can have negative side effects with prolonged use, including an increased incidence of skin tags and retinal damage in those patients who failed to wear adequate eye covering during treatment. In most cases, however, the benefits outweigh the potential consequences, and thousands of satisfied patients attest to its effectiveness in treating all sorts of conditions.