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La Belle Vie Medical Care & Aesthetics employs multiple strategies to greatly reduce the appearance of embarrassing acne and its scars. From our highly effective, minimally invasive, treatments to more aggressive treatments for acne and deeply scarred tissue, La Belle Vie determines the best strategy to improve the look and feel of your skin and give you a new-found confidence in your appearance.

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Paula Abbott
May 9, 2024

I highly recommend this medical spa. Kelly and her staff were so friendly and knowledgeable. They answered all our questions and had very good insight. They were very professional and have a lot of knowledge and experience. I was very confident that we would be happy with the services they provide. I will be a returning customer.

Kyle (Kyle)
May 6, 2024

Thank you Kelly for being understanding of my condition and helping me out with no notice. Very comfortable environment. Much needed and appreciated.

Whitney Nielson
May 1, 2024

Over the past few years, I’ve had numerous visits and each time I’ve received the absolute best care and highly recommend Le Belle Vie. Kelly is truly one of a kind; she is always smiling, consistently goes above and beyond to prioritize her patients' comfort, desires, and well-being. Her warmth and kindness make every visit a fantastic experience!

Acne Treatment and Scar Treatment Before and After Photos.

Six Options to Treat Acne Scaring

For many teens and adults acne and acne scaring can be a devastating part of life. At La Belle Vie we love to help our patients reduce or almost eliminate even the worst acne problems. We’ve developed several treatment options that have been proven to help significantly. Everyone is different which is why we tailor your program to fit your individual acne issues.

Below we describe the six most popular and effective treatment options and how they work. As always we invite you to schedule a free initial consultation to find out how we can help and what we recommend.

Acne and acne scaring fall into one of three categories with a set of treatments to address each condition.

Minimal Scaring

Minimal scaring is best treated with treatments such as chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing treatments such as CO2 Laser and Microneedling.

Moderate to Severe Scaring

More severe acne is best treated with a combination of one or more of the following: PDO Thread Lifts, Laser C02 treatments and/or Profound. The Profound treatment is a deeper microneedling procedure that utilizes deep dermal heating for revolutionary results.

Severe Scaring

Severe scaring will need one or more of the above treatments as well as the use of injectable dermal fillers to fill in and almost eliminate acne scar “pock marks”.

Laser C02 & Profound

Resurfaces superficial skin

Combining the C02 Laser with Profound Skin Tightening device is our number-one recommended treatment for acne scarring. For the most severe scarring caused by acne, La Belle Vie employs the more aggressive treatment approach using a laser to dramatically improve your skin’s tone and texture through skin resurfacing following with the Profound treatment. We provide targeted treatment with our innovative CO2 laser to penetrate your skin with thermal microchannels, to create an ablative and thermal effect without damaging surrounding tissue. The micro-injury sites work to enhance results and jump start your healing process with collagen stimulation and neocollagenesis to strengthen and tone your skin’s texture. You can expect a downtime of 4-7 days after the procedure.

C02 Laser resurfacing and Profound promote the following benefits:

Diminished acne and other skin imperfections

Minimized pore size

Increased collagen production

Glowing overall complexion

Improved tone and texture

PDO Threads

Increases collagen production

PDO Threads are tiny threads inserted underneath the skin on the face and neck. When the underlying tissues are damaged by the thread insertion they immediately begin to repair. When PDO Threads are inserted underneath the skin to lift the loose skin, the skin heals itself by creating new collagen naturally! These thread lifts can pave the way for superior skin softness.

PDO Thread lifts promote the following benefits:

Improves skin firmness and texture

Helps to clear up acne and reduces acne scaring

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines

Increases collagen production

Younger looking appearance

Rapid recovery time and minimal costs compared to other treatments


Resurfaces superficial skin

For incredible results to improve your skin’s texture, minimize pore size, wrinkle reduction and scar treatment, the micro-needling pen is the ideal solution. As a minimally invasive procedure, our micro-needling pen treatments involve the use of a pen-like device that puncture the skin’s surface with fine needles. This type of controlled skin injury will result in the increased and immediate production of elastin and new collagen. Multiple treatments may be necessary, depending on the severity of your scarring.

Microneedling promotes the following benefits:

Improves skin texture

Freshens and brightens

Erases fine lines and wrinkles

Stimulates collagen


Tightens deeper layers of skin

The highly-effective treatment used to treat moderate to severe acne scars utilizes deep dermal heating for revolutionary results. La Belle Vie is proud to introduce the new Profound by Syneron to trigger the production of new collagen. The Profound treatment combines micro-diameter needles to deliver focused RF energy deep into your dermis, safely and effectively. The Profound treatment provides incredible collagen remodeling results with 3 to 5 days of downtime.

Profound promotes the following benefits:

Increases collagen production

Increases elastin production

Increases hyaluronic acid production

Diminishes acne scaring

Tightens loose skin on the face, jowels and neck


Resurfaces superficial skin

Also known as a lunchtime facelift, dermal fillers are cosmetic injectables and fillers that fill acne scars, and lift and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. For a natural, well-rested look, dermal fillers will enhance your features without leaving you with a frozen look on your face.

Injectable fillers used to smooth and flatten acne scars:






Chemical Peels

Tightens deeper layers of skin

Chemical peels work to gently remove the surface layer of skin to reveal new, healthy skin beneath. The right peel can drastically reduce acne and soften the scars that come with it. Chemical peels dive deep into skin to unclog pores while also skimming the surface to erode oil and dirt that cause pimples and blackheads leaving faded and reduced post-pimple marks. The chemical not only kills and removes dead skin cells at the surface, but also cause intentional damage to the skin’s top layers stimulating the body’s natural response to produce collagen, which can help fill in scars.

Chemical Peels promote the following benefits:

Clear acne skin conditions, reduce or eliminate acne scars

Improve skin’s tone and texture

Reduce or eliminate age spots, sun spots and melasma

Reduce or eliminate fine lines and wrinkles

Stimulate the production of collagen

Medical Treatment

Medically Treat the Acne

Medical Treatment is different for everyone and may include the following medical treatment.


Extraction (if needed)



We can prescribe Accutane for severe acne or a combination of other medications.

Fantastic Post Treatment Results

While results vary from patient to patient our patients report high satisfaction with their prescribed treatment. This image is the result for the same client shown above after 3 micro-needling treatments.

What to Expect Post Treatment

Microneedling: Patients experience minimal downtime post treatment with micro-needling and can see mild redness which can last up to one day post treatment. Depending on the severity of your acne scarring, 3-5 individual treatments may be needed, 4-6 weeks apart.

Profound: After treatment, you may notice bruising and tiny dot marks on treated areas of the skin. Swelling, bruising, and redness will appear. These will fade and heal within 4 to 7 days. Some minor skin shedding may occur.

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