Just in Time for Halloween: A Vampire Facelift at La Belle Vie

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Every month, we run specials at La Belle Vie to give some sweet deals to our loyal customers and those that support us most. Ant this month, we’re getting in the Halloween spirit by offering an amazing deal on our Vampire Facelift

You can have a Vampire Facelift this month for a whopping $300 off, which is an incredible value! But what exactly is a Vampire Facelift? It’s not nearly as scary as it sounds. Intrigued? Keep reading to see if the procedure is right for you. 

What Is a Vampire Facelift?

Vampire Facelift is essentially a cosmetic procedure that uses a combination of microneedling, filler, and PRP to create a lifted, youthful appearance on the skin. 

Using the filler in combination with the PRP (platelet-rich plasma) from your own blood helps to plump up the skin, promote collagen production, and help you look more supple and rested. 

While the procedure is not surgical and not permanent, it can have profound and long-lasting effects!

What’s the Difference Between a Vampire Facial and Facelift?

Vampire Facial is a non-invasive facial that may also be referred to as a PRP (platelet-rich plasma) facial. Recently, many influencers have posted themselves with blood covering their face during cosmetic procedures; this is a Vampire Facial. But don’t be alarmed. The bloody face is just for shock value. 

Essentially, a Vampire Facelift is a higher-level skincare treatment that uses PRP extracted from your own blood. The natural growth factors in PRP are then injected into your face using microneedling, which promotes skin firmness, elasticity, and more.

The procedure is very similar to the Vampire Facial, but it goes a step further, giving you the added benefit of hyaluronic acid filler. The plasma and platelets from your blood are still separated and injected into the skin, as with a Vampire Facial. However, hyaluronic acid injections are also added to make it even more effective.

The additional step of adding filler makes the procedure a bit more intensive and more prolonged. Still, you have the additional benefit of skin smoothing effects and longer-lasting results with this treatment. And since the filler is being injected, the treatment will have an immediate smoothing and firming effect on the skin.

How Much Does a Vampire Facelift Cost?

A Vampire Facelift could cost anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500. But as we mentioned, La Belle Vie is offering an unheard-of special for the month of October. New and existing clients can get a Vampire Facelift for $300 off the regular price!

This special pricing will only run for a limited time. So if you have questions about exactly how much your procedure will cost, give us a call today so that we can fill you in on all the info. 

Don’t forget that we offer to finance as well. And if you’re super busy (like most of us are these days), you can skip the call and schedule a consultation online.

Does a Vampire Facelift Hurt?

Microneedling is not considered to be a painful procedure. You might feel some slight discomfort during the process, but the tool used for microneedling uses incredibly tiny needles— so small you can hardly feel them on the skin. In fact, most of our clients are surprised when they discover the treatment is not nearly as uncomfortable as they imagined. 

In the week or so following your procedure, your skin barrier will replace any dry or damaged skin cells with new, fresh ones, so you can expect your face to feel puffy, red, and irritated. However, this shouldn’t last long, and the payoff is that the healing process will soon reveal youthful, glowing skin underneath. You’re going to love how your skin looks and feels!

How Long Does a Vampire Facelift Last?

Microneedling alone is incredibly effective at treating some blemishes and scars, so you can expect some of these recurring issues to fade permanently. However, it will not prevent new ones from forming in the future. 

In contrast, Vampire Facelifts have proven to reduce skin issues like scarring and lack of collagen production more effectively than microneedling alone. While a Vampire Facelift is certainly not permanent, many people notice the lifting and firming effects on their face for several months following the procedure, so you can expect that you won’t need to revisit it for quite some time. 

Are There Any Side Effects to a Vampire Facelift?

The side effects of getting a Vampire Facelift are typically very minimal. At the most, you might experience some burning, swelling, redness, or irritation in the week following your procedure, as this is when your skin regenerates and creates new cells. 

Additionally, very few people have had adverse reactions to the hyaluronic filler used in Vampire Facelifts. However, if you have ever had hyaluronic filler injected before, this shouldn’t be an issue, and most people tolerate fillers just fine. 

What Should I Expect During My Vampire Facelift Procedure?

When you come to your Vampire Facelift appointment, your clinician will start by prepping your face. First, your skin is cleaned to reduce the risk of infection. Then, a numbing cream will be applied over the treatment area to minimize any discomfort. 

Next, your doctor will draw one vial of blood and place it into the centrifuge to extract the platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Then, the plasma and the hyaluronic acid filler will be injected back into your face using a microneedling technique. Finally, you’ll be all set to head home!

What Should I Expect After My Vampire Facelift Procedure?

Most clients can expect mild swelling, redness, and irritation after the procedure. However, keep in mind this is simply your skin getting ready to reveal your new-and-improved complexion!

After the few days of recovery have passed, you will already notice firmer, more elastic, more supple skin and will undoubtedly feel more youthful and replenished. 

Should I Get a Vampire Facelift?

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Gisele Bundchen have been getting Vampire Facials and facelifts for years. And yes, the procedure can sometimes be expensive. However, with our fantastic $300-off special, you can benefit from a Vampire Facelift without breaking the bank!

So if you have ever wanted to try out a Vampire Facelift for yourself, there is truly no better time than now. 

Kelly Lance