Age Gracefully: Embracing the Natural Look with Minimalist Medical Spa Treatments

The beauty industry is seeing a movement towards embracing the natural, the understated, and the authentic. The days of dramatic transformations and conspicuous alterations are making way for a new era of beauty where we seek to age gracefully and enhance our features without compromising their innate charm. This shift is exemplified by recent notable […]

Microneedling Chemical Peel Combo

Microneedling Plus Chemical Peels Can Reveal Fresh Fall Skin The skin of our face is exposed to more harmful UV rays than almost anywhere else, resulting in accelerated cellular breakdown in the thinner, more delicate facial skin. The bad news is that our faces become one of the first places that aging begins to show. […]

6 Non-Cosmetic Things You Didn’t Know BOTOX® Could Treat

Underarm Perspiration - Things You Didn't Know BOTOX® Could Treat

Most people know the cosmetic uses of BOTOX® and its incredible wrinkle-reducing results. But you may not be aware of the medical benefits of BOTOX® for the effective treatment of muscle disorders, hyperactive nerves, neuropathic pain, and even some allergies. Prior to FDA approval for cosmetic applications in 1989, scientific and medical professionals used the […]

It’s Your Birthday! Treat Yourself with the Gift of Beauty

It’s Your Birthday! Treat Yourself with the Gift of Beauty Enjoy 15% Off Treatments During the Month of Your Birthday At La Belle Vie Medical Care & Aesthetics, we believe it’s important to treat yourself well. There’s no better time to treat yourself than your birthday! That’s why we’ve created the La Belle Vie birthday […]