Better Sex With the V-Plump In Draper, Utah, at La Belle Vie

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Are you ready to enhance your sex life, self-esteem, and general attitude toward your V? Looking to add a little extra volume down there? The V-Plump treatment at La Belle Vie is perfect for you! With the help of La Belle Vie Medical Spa in Draper, improving the appearance and sensation of your labia majora has never been easier. Curious? Keep reading to learn all the details about the V-Plump treatment and how it can help you!

What is a V-Plump Treatment?

V-Plump is essentially a treatment of fillers and PRP (platelet-rich plasma), but instead of injecting them into your face, they are injected into the labia. By administering these injections, you can expect to experience a larger labia surface area, increased smoothness, and plumpness, and enhanced physical pleasure during sexual intercourse.

V-Plump is not surgical and is minimally invasive. That’s because it only requires a short series of injections.

Is a V-Plump Treatment Painful?

We typically use a topical anesthetic cream on and around the labia before beginning this treatment, as it is a very sensitive area. That way, the discomfort from the injections is minimized. Most women describe the pain from these injections as a light pinch.

After the procedure, you may have some slight swelling and redness along the injection sites. This should clear up a few days after treatment.

How Much Does a V-Plump Treatment Cost?

On average, the cost of a labiaplasty in the United States is just under $3,000. And vaginal rejuvenation treatments can cost between $1,000 to $5,000. If you don’t have that kind of money to spend on your V, then V-Plump injections might be the answer since V-Plump at La Belle Vie is on the lower end of that spectrum.

The exact cost of your treatment will depend on a few factors, including your anatomy, the number of injections needed, and the volume desired for your labia. If you want a more exact cost estimate, book a consultation today!

How Long Does a V-Plump Treatment Last?

How long your V-Plump treatment will last will depend on a few factors. For example, the type and brand of dermal filler used can affect how long your results last. Some brands of dermal filler can last for six to twelve months, while others are designed to last up to five years.

We do have a few specific dermal fillers that we typically use during V-Plump appointments. However, during your consultation, you should discuss with your provider which dermal filler will be suitable for you. For the most part, women tend to see peak results up to a year after their V-Plump treatment.

What Should I Expect During My V-Plump Appointment?

On the day of your scheduled V-Plump appointment, you should come to the office in loose-fitting clothing. You will be asked to undress from the waist down and put on a robe. From there, your blood will be drawn and placed into a centrifuge to extract the PRP (platelet-rich plasma) from your own body.

After that, a numbing cream will be applied to the labia, and you will wait until the area is completely numb. Finally, the injections of PRP and dermal fillers will be administered to the area. Once the procedure is finished, you will be all set to get dressed and go home!

What Should I Expect After My V-Plump Appointment?

After your appointment, you should notice an immediate plumping, smoothing, youthful, and voluminous effect from the fillers and PRP. Since there is really no downtime with this procedure, you will be fine to drive yourself home following the treatment.

You may experience some adverse effects in the days following your treatment, including slight skin irritation, redness, itching, burning, or swelling. However, these are normal for people after their first appointment using dermal fillers, and they are nothing to be concerned about. These effects should dissipate after the first few days, leaving you with dazzling, youthful, voluminous results!

Are There Any Side Effects to V-Plump?

Some people don’t have any adverse effects when using dermal fillers for the first time. However, for many people, it can take their skin a bit to get used to them. You may experience redness, itching, burning, or swelling surrounding the injection sites. However, these side effects should disappear entirely within the first week after your treatment.

Who Is a Good Candidate for V-Plump?

If you are in the Draper, Utah, area, there are many reasons why you might be a good candidate for V-Plump with La Belle Vie. Some women who are in their later stages of life or have entered menopause may not be satisfied with the sensation and appearance of their labia. If this sounds like you, you are likely the perfect candidate for a V-Plump treatment!

The only reason to avoid this treatment is if you know you have sensitivities to dermal fillers or PRP. However, even in those cases, you may still be able to have the treatment. These concerns can be addressed during a free consultation at our office.

Does La Belle Vie Offer Other Treatments Just for Women?

Absolutely! At La Belle Vie Medical Care & Aesthetics in Draper, Utah, we have several discreet services just for women.

Femilift: Vaginal Rejuvenation and Tightening

Femillift is an amazing treatment that uses fractional laser energy pulses in the vagina. The result is enhanced muscle tone, tightening, and elasticity for your vagina.
If you experience dryness and pain, vaginal laxity, or incontinence, Femilift can help remodel your vaginal tissue and improve your satisfaction during intercourse.

O-Shot Procedure

The O-Shot is another treatment aimed at improving a woman’s satisfaction and pleasure. Like V-Plump, your own natural growth factors are used. They are injected into the clitoris and vaginal area, stimulating collagen and stem cell renewal. The O-shot can result in enhanced clitoral stimulation, better orgasms, and more positive experiences in the bedroom. Additionally, this treatment can also address urinary leakage and incontinence.

Should I Get a V-Plump Treatment With La Belle Vie?

If you feel dissatisfied, self-conscious, or uncomfortable with your labia, nothing should stop you from getting a V-Plump treatment at La Belle Vie. Our providers are trained extensively and will do absolutely everything they can to help you feel comfortable and satisfied with the look of your

If you are ready to learn more about V-Plump or want to speak with one of our providers directly, reach out today!

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