Trouble Deciding What To Give for a Special Occassion? La Belle Vie Has Your Gift Guide Right Here!

Give gift of self-care in Utah
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Knowing what to give a loved-one for a special occasion is tough! You want to express your feelings of love and appreciation for those you care about. But sometimes, it can be challenging to determine the right gift to give.

Gifting goes far beyond just giving someone an item they want or need. The right gift can foster feelings of affection and even help your relationships to grow. And that’s one of the major points of giving gifts—to strengthen our relationships with friends, loved ones, and even those we do business with.

Science can also lend some guidance when it comes to gift-giving. In a recent paper published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, researchers discovered that experiences, rather than things, typically bring more joy to the receiver.

Material goods are often lost or forgotten, the idea of giving experiences instead of “stuff” is catching on. So with that in mind, let’s talk a little bit about the best La Belle Vie experiences you can give to someone special in your life this year.



Why Give Aesthetic Treatment Gifts From La Belle Vie?

There are a lot of great reasons the gift of an aesthetic treatment from LaBelle Vie can be the perfect solution to your gift-giving needs this year:

It’s Ideal for Many People on Your List
Aesthetic treatments aren’t just for women. Many men also love the gift of pampering. La Belle Vie treatments can be the perfect gift for spouses, mothers, fathers, adult children, and special friends. This type of gift is also great for colleagues, clients, teachers, healthcare workers, or anyone you know who is stressed, tired, or overwhelmed.

It Expresses Your Care
Many people wouldn’t dream of spending the time and money to schedule an aesthetic treatment for themselves. Yet, everyone deserves to relax and feel pampered and cared for. When you give the gift of an aesthetic treatment, you are telling the recipient that they are loved, valuable, and worth the effort of treating themselves to a mini-wellness escape.

It’s Surprising and Touching
The gift of a cosmetic treatment is not just another tie, perfume, or piece of jewelry. It’s totally unpredictable and surprising! The recipient will never guess what you are planning to give them. Not only will they be surprised, but they will also likely feel touched that you came up with such a unique idea just for them.

It Offers Something To Look Forward To
After the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, we’re all a little affected by post-holiday blues. Instead of feeling let down after all the merriment, your recipient can now look forward to using their gift. Planning for and thinking of their upcoming visit to our medical spa can bring a lot of joy in itself.

It’s Convenient for You
For your part, gifts from La Belle Vie are super easy and take just a few minutes of shopping. You can call us to discuss a specific treatment or purchase a gift card online, and we can deliver it to the recipient via email or snail mail. Alternatively, we can send it to you. That way, you can present it yourself.


Are There Any Dos and Don’ts When Giving Aesthetic Treatments as a Gift?

As a society, we discuss cosmetic and aesthetic issues openly. However, no matter how enlightened we’ve become in that regard, the gift of an aesthetic procedure or treatment can still be a highly personal one. Therefore, there are a few guidelines to consider before you choose this type of gift:

Do Make Sure You Gift Something Pleasant.
Be 100 percent sure that the treatment you are giving is not invasive or painful. There is a time and a place for “no pain, no gain” treatments, and it’s not when gift-giving. Instead, choose a treatment that will be enjoyable to the recipient. (Unless, of course, they have asked for a specific procedure)

Do Your Research First.
Not every aesthetic provider is on the level. Therefore, you want to make sure to seek out a reputable and competent practitioner who you trust. At La Belle Vie, our estheticians are highly trained professionals with years of experience in the field.

Don’t Give the Gift of Aesthetic Treatments to Someone Who Is Sick.
If your loved one is suffering from health issues or a chronic condition, not every procedure will be appropriate for them. In this case, you might want to hold off on the surprise aspect of this gift and determine whether a specific procedure is right for them before proceeding. The same guidelines should go for those who are pregnant or nursing as well.

Don’t Purchase Cosmetic Procedures Just Because You Want the Recipient To Have Them.
Noticing your spouse has gained a few pounds is not a good reason to run out and purchase CoolSculpting for them. The last thing you want to do is give someone a gift that will make them feel you don’t love them as they are. Of course, if they request a specific procedure, that’s a different story, but be very careful your gift is not misconstrued as insulting.


What Are Some La Belle Vie Treatments That Make Good Gifts?

Here are a few of the most popular treatments people choose when giving a gift from La Belle Vie:

LED Light Therapy
LED Light Therapy is a safe and gentle way to improve skin tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and treat blotchiness, rosacea, acne, and other concerns. In addition, it’s designed to give you a sense of overall well-being and may even help establish healthy sleep patterns.

Laser Hair Removal
Almost everyone has some unwanted hair they would like to rid themselves of. At La Belle Vie, we use a pain-free laser technology called Hair-Free™. This revolutionary hair-removal treatment takes anywhere from ten minutes to an hour and can be used on nearly any area of the body.

Diamond Glow Facial
Clients who opt for a Diamond Glow Facial can expect clearer pores, reduced dryness and roughness, improved skin tone, and much more. Our aestheticians use a specialized facial wand and can even add specific serums to address various skin issues.

Other La Belle Vie Professional Facials
We also offer a variety of medical-grade facials designed to meet different skincare needs. Our facials are delivered by a master aesthetician in a warm and relaxing environment and are a pampering treat for just about anyone. In addition to our Diamond Glow Facial, we are pleased to offer seven specialty facials. Here are some of our most popular options:

Acne Facial: Includes steam and warm towels, ultrasonic extractions, acne mask, and led therapy.

Brightening Facial: Includes steam and warm towels, dermaplaning, and a light chemical peel..

Glow Facial: Includes steam and warm towels, dermaplaning, antioxidant mask, gua sha facial massage, and led therapy.

Signature Facial: A deep cleaning facial that removes blackheads, whiteheads, dirt, and oil from the pores, leaving the skin clean and complexion smoother.


A Gift Card From La Belle Vie

If you are unsure about what procedure to get for someone, the best option is to purchase a La Belle Vie gift card. That way, the recipient can choose the treatment they would like the most. If they want to have a more complex procedure, they will have the opportunity to come in for a consultation and discuss all their options. This is an especially thoughtful option for those who may be nervous about aesthetic treatments and need a little extra reassurance.

Closing Thoughts

Aesthetic treatments make excellent gifts and can provide the recipient with a pleasant experience that makes them feel good about themselves (and you!) for months to come. If you’re unsure about the most appropriate treatment to get for someone you care about, contact us today.

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