What Are Laser Treatments?

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Laser treatments in the world of aesthetics and medical care aren’t exactly new. However, they are a tried-and-true, reliable way to help reduce the appearance of things like acne scars and age spots. Also, laser treatments can help significantly with long-term hair removal and skin rejuvenation. If any of these things sound interesting to you and you want a noninvasive, pain-free procedure at our office, keep reading to find out more about each of our laser treatments and their benefits.

What Are Laser Treatments?

Laser treatments are exactly what they sound like. A laser is used to help even out irregular skin or eliminate hairs. The laser directs short, pulsing beams of light into deep layers of the skin. This can get rid of imperfections that you don’t want. Or it can burn out hairs where they grow at the follicle, so they don’t have a chance to regrow.

Laser treatments can’t get rid of issues like sagging skin. However, they can make you look younger and rejuvenated by lessening the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne spots, dark scars, and hyperpigmentation.

What Laser Treatments Do You Offer?

Our Draper, Utah, medical spa offers four main types of laser skin treatments. These include acne scar treatments, age spot removal, laser hair removal, and skin rejuvenation. Each of these treatments has different benefits and goals, so the one(s) you choose will depend significantly on your skin issues and concerns. If you want to learn more about each of these treatments in depth, keep reading below.

Acne Scar Treatment 

Laser CO2 treatments are one of the most popular ways to treat acne scars, and it is our number-one recommended treatment for this issue. By using the laser, acne scar treatments will dramatically improve the tone and texture of your skin while lessening the pigmentation of your acne scars.

A CO2 laser can penetrate deep layers of your skin with thermal microchannels. This can lift out hyperpigmentation and scars without damaging the surrounding layers of skin and tissue. The process also improves collagen production in the skin, which improves elasticity. As a result, your skin can appear more youthful.

Age Spot Removal

Age spots, liver spots, or hemangiomas are flat brown or black spots on the skin that are common with age. Older people, those with fair skin, or those who have spent a lot of time in the sun are most susceptible to them. And they mostly appear in sun-exposed areas.

We expose these dark, pigmented spots to short bursts of light with a laser. This raises the temperature of the melanin sharply and shatters the cells that contain the dark spot. In simple terms, age spots can be zapped off the body using laser technology. Pretty impressive, huh?

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is probably the most commonly known laser treatment. And it’s definitely one of the most popular. Laser hair removal at La Belle Vie is painless and works for all skin types and most hair colors. The experience is comfortable and pain-free. And you could compare this type of appointment with a relaxing trip to the spa.

At La Belle Vie, you’ll get predictable and permanent hair removal results using a laser. And there is no need for any downtime. Also, laser hair removal treatment suits all skin types and won’t result in shaving bumps or irritated skin.

Laser treatments are also much more effective than waxing. With laser, your hair will grow back slower and less frequently with each treatment until the hair follicles are entirely eradicated. With regular long-term treatments, hair will either grow back extremely fine and light or not at all!

Skin Rejuvenation

Your skin goes through a lot while facing the elements of daily life, and sometimes a refresh is needed to keep your complexion looking and feeling its best. Unfortunately, your regular skincare routine may not always be enough to combat the damage of sunlight and free radicals. However, this is where laser treatment can step in to help.

CO2 laser treatment can help the skin return to its regular, youthful appearance. First, the laser creates micro-injuries that boost collagen and elastin production. Then, your natural healing process kicks in, leaving your skin feeling smoother and brighter.

Are Laser Treatments Painful?

Laser treatments at La Belle Vie are not painful at all! We use pain-free lasers that do not require any downtime. At the very most, you may have some redness or irritation directly following the procedure. Other than that, no discomfort or pain is associated with these treatments.

How Much Do Laser Treatments Cost?

The laser treatment you decide to get at La Belle Vie will determine the overall cost of your procedure and treatment plan. For example, if you need to zap off a couple of age spots in one or two laser appointments, the overall cost will be less than if you were to go through several rounds of laser hair removal to get permanent results. If you want a more exact estimate of the cost of a specific procedure, give our office a call.

Remember that we offer many options to help make laser treatment more affordable. For example, we often have monthly specials on various laser treatments (and other popular procedures). So check back often to see each month’s promos. In addition, we have exclusive membership plans that our clients love! Our membership plans can help you save money on all of the aesthetic treatments we offer here in Draper at La Belle Vie.

Should I Get a Laser Treatment at La Belle Vie?

If you have acne spots, age spots, or want sections of hair permanently removed, laser treatments are an excellent option. Laser treatments are pain-free, comfortable, and provide effective and noticeable results. If you are curious about laser treatments at La Belle Vie, contact us today or schedule a consultation online.

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