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Thread Lifts – An alternative to a Facelift

Inevitably, the years begin to show in our skin as we age. From our hands to our bodies and, most importantly, our faces, wrinkles and loose skin can give away our years. However, a partial facelift can rejuvenate the areas you want for a more youthful appearance.

PDO therapy is a tailor-made treatment designed to be adjustable to your specific requirements. PDO, Polydioxanone, is a synthetic fiber commonly used in general surgery and cardiology.​ However, those same threads can be used in aesthetics to lift sagging skin.

PDO thread lifts can effectively recontour the face, enhance skin tone, reduce roundness, tighten pores, lift sagging skin in the cheeks, neck, and jowl areas, and create an excellent eyebrow lift. PDO threads are among the most highly effective and popular non-surgical means to lift and tighten sagging and loose skin tissue.

Another intriguing effect of the threads is their ability to induce lipolysis (fat cell death), effectively treating small areas of stubborn facial and body fat and causing collagen production within the body to tighten the skin naturally.

Not Ready Yet for a Full Facelift? Discover PDO Thread-Lifts

We always hope to feel and look our best, and the demand for surgical cosmetic procedures continues to grow each year. We particularly begin to notice the signs of aging in our 30’s and 40’s. Even in our 20’s, we may consider getting a “jump-start” on anti-aging treatments.

Still, we may not be quite ready, willing, or able to endure the expense or down-time for recovery associated with “going under the knife.”Non-surgical procedures offer a perfect solution.

A variety of minimally invasive non-surgical cosmetic treatments and procedures are available without the downtime and expense associated with plastic surgery. PDO threading is one of the most effective, popular, and long-lasting treatments available for rejuvenating your face with stunning results.

Considering a PDO Thread-Lift?

Sometimes referred to as a partial facial or “instalift,” thread-lifting is a non-surgical innovative treatment that implements dissolvable PDO threads to overcome signs of aging with stunning results. In addition to creating a lifted and smooth look immediately, PDO threads continue to produce results by encouraging the production of elastin and collagen, two components vital to youthful, healthy skin.

PDO thread-lifts can improve some of the most common concerns, including:

  • Loss of facial volume
  • Sagging skin
  • Mild skin laxity
  • Drooping jowls
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

lift cheeks, neck, chin, jowls, improve skin tone, non-surgical

What Areas Can Benefit From PDO Thread Treatment?

  • Forehead (brow lifting)
  • Lower and upper cheeks
  • Marionette lines
  • Neck
  • Jawline
  • Naso-labial folds
  • Parenthesis lines
  • Smile lines
  • Lip lines
  • Under the eye

What Can I Expect to Experience While Receiving a PDO Thread-Lift?

Patients are made comfortable in our clean, private treatment areas when receiving a PDO thread-lift at La Belle Vie. First, a topical anesthetic is applied to minimize any discomfort. Then the treatment areas are carefully marked before inserting dissolvable PDO threads. Finally, the PDO thread is placed using a cannula or micro-needle in the desired location. It typically takes about 40 to 60 minutes to complete the entire process. Hence it has been dubbed the “lunch hour lift.”

Patients will immediately notice a difference in their look that will continue to improve over several weeks and months as the body increases its production of collagen. The threads anchor the skin, lifting it upward, and the procedure involves no incisions. Instead, the PDO threads are placed under the skin, where they will eventually dissolve. As a result, the body produces more collagen naturally to tighten the skin.

Some may experience mild swelling or redness at the treatment sites following a thread-lift, but generally, everyday activities and social routines may be resumed immediately.

skincare treatment on a budget, affordable costs, fast recovery with minimal swelling and discomfort.

How Long Will PDO Thread-Lifts Remain Effective?

PDO thread-lifting will provide long-lasting, reliable results. The lifting effect peaks around six months post-procedure once collagen has synthesized around the threads creating an integrated support structure for the facial tissues. Patients usually enjoy the results of their PDO thread-lifts for two to three years before a repeat procedure may be necessary.

To maintain, prolong, and enhance the effects of a PDO thread-lift, additional treatments, such as injectable dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxers, and laser skin resurfacing may be recommended intermittently.

Is PDO Threading Worth It?

PDO thread-lifting is an attractive alternative to reduce the signs of aging without the inconvenience, expense, and downtime of facelift surgery.

Thread-lifting is a minimally invasive option and the least time-consuming to perform. Plus, it offers the benefit of a quick recovery. Typical recovery takes about two weeks; this is about how long it takes for any noticeable bruising or swelling to fade. Therefore, it is a fast and safe option to get the look of youthful, tight skin while experiencing the slightest discomfort and in the shortest time.

Ultimately, choosing between these two procedures is up to the patient and may depend on skin elasticity, overall health, age, financial constraints, the severity of concerns, and other considerations.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for a Partial Facial?

PDO Thread-Lifting is most suitable for people :

  • With mild to moderate sagging skin
  • Who are between the ages of 30 and 70
  • With skin that is not too heavy or too thin
  • Who have had no previous facelift surgeries surgeries
  • That do not have severely sun-damaged skin

Realistic expectations about the results a PDO thread-lift can achieve are essential. In addition, a commitment to healthy exercise, eating, and good lifestyle habits will help maintain your results longer.

If you want to achieve youthful, natural-looking results but aren’t quite yet ready for plastic surgery; a non-surgical PDO thread-lift may be the best choice for you. To learn more about this procedure that will rejuvenate and refresh your look with no downtime, contact us to schedule your personalized consultation today.

Our expertly trained skincare professionals will work individually with you to determine your cosmetic goals and help you develop the best treatment plan that matches your specific needs, budget, and preferences. We are delighted to offer this fantastic innovative anti-aging treatment.

Kelly Lance