Worried About Stretch Marks? La Belle Vie Has Got You Covered!

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Stretch marks are not at all uncommon. Yet many people feel insecure about them. You may have stretch marks on your body from having children, gaining weight, or just generally moving through life events. While stretch marks are truly nothing to be ashamed of or self-conscious about, some of our clients opt to have them treated to reduce their overall appearance.

At La Belle Vie, we offer stretch mark reduction procedures in Draper, Utah. And at a reasonable price, too. And our clinicians can definitely help you make your stretch marks less noticeable. So if you have ever considered reducing the appearance of your stretch marks, keep reading to learn more about how we do it at La Belle Vie!

What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are indented, reddened, discolored, or misshapen areas of skin. Most commonly, stretch marks might be seen on the thighs, butt, arms, and stomach. They usually appear due to rapid weight gain or sharp fluctuations in your weight. However, they can also occur with normal growth or weight changes over more extended periods.

A stretch mark is simply a type of scar that occurs when our skin stretches too quickly. Weight changes can cause the collagen and elastin to rupture and create these scars. Many people experience stretch marks during pregnancy, but they can sometimes be reduced or prevented by staying hydrated, eating a balanced diet, or getting regular exercise.

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How Do You Reduce Stretch Marks?

Since they are technically scars, there aren’t many tried-and-true ways to reduce stretch marks. Most treatments for stretch marks are typically meant to be preventative. But if you haven’t been able to prevent your stretch marks from occurring, there is still help.

We use deep dermal heating at La Belle Vie to reduce stretch marks. This treatment combines microneedling and RF energy for more moderate to severe stretch marks. For less noticeable stretch marks, we use a simple microneedling technology.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Stretch Mark Reduction?

Virtually anyone with stretch marks is a good candidate for stretch mark reduction at La Belle Vie. If your stretch marks bother you and you’d like them to be less apparent, you’re a good candidate for a stretch mark reduction procedure.

And since there isn’t really any recovery or downtime associated with stretch mark reduction procedures, you won’t need to arrange time off from work to have this treatment.

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What Should I Expect During A Stretch Mark Reduction Procedure?

What to expect will depend on the severity of your stretch marks, where they are, and their quantity. We will use a microneedling pen for more light stretch marks and deliver a controlled skin injury. This will boost collagen and elastin production in the skin, reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

We will use a treatment method that combines microneedling with RF energy for more moderate to severe stretch marks. This procedure delivers heat energy deep into the dermis skin layers.

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What Should I Expect After A Stretch Mark Reduction Procedure?

After a stretch mark reduction procedure, your doctor will explain any side effects you might have in the days following. You may experience some discomfort, including redness and bruising, for the first week or so. Most commonly, any redness or bruising that occurs will dissipate within five days following the procedure.

In the days and weeks following your procedure, you should notice a dramatic reduction in the size and appearance of your stretch marks.

How Much Does Stretch Mark Reduction Cost?

Since La Belle Vie offers several types of noninvasive, nonsurgical procedures to reduce the appearance of your stretch marks, the cost can vary. If you want to know specifics regarding how much your reduction procedure will cost, reach out today. You can speak with one of our specialists about where your stretch marks are located, how long you’ve had them, and your goals for treatment. From there, schedule a consultation to find out exactly what procedure you will need to reduce the appearance of your stretch marks.

Is Stretch Mark Reduction Painful?

Microneedling, the main part of the procedure that helps aid in the appearance of stretch mark reduction, isn’t overtly painful. Instead, it is more of a discomfort. The most common side effects of microneedling are redness and irritation, and most of the visible recovery from microneedling happens within the first day or two following the treatment.

While you may experience some redness or bruising following the procedure, this should dissipate within the following week.

How Long Does Stretch Mark Reduction Last?

Stretch marks can come with age, weight fluctuations, and various life milestones. So even if you reduce the appearance of your stretch marks now, you can have more down the road. While the work done in our office with the microneedling technology is technically permanent, that doesn’t necessarily mean your skin will appear the same way forever.

Stretch mark reduction is not stretch mark removal, so there may always be some appearance left on your stretch marks. If you continue to gain weight or change your weight following your procedure, more stretch marks also have the opportunity to reappear. However, if you maintain a normal weight without dramatic ups or downs, you’ll have a better chance of remaining free of stretch marks.

Should I Get Stretch Mark Reduction at La Belle Vie?

If you have ever been embarrassed or self-conscious about your stretch marks, there are ways to reduce their appearance at La Belle Vie. It’s worth considering getting a stretch mark reduction procedure at La Belle Vie Medical Care, especially if these feelings interfere with your ability to feel good about yourself. Furthermore, the procedures we offer for stretch marks are noninvasive and nonsurgical, so you don’t need to worry about a lengthy recovery.

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