Med Spa Services to Cure Burnout

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For many of us our lives have become more busy than we want it to be. We struggle keeping a healthy balance of working hard, having fun and doing some much-needed self-care.  If you are struggling to just “get through” life, or if  things just feel “not quite right”? You may be suffering from burnout.

Burnout can occur when you have too much to do and not enough time to do it. The stress of job, family or just plain life can cause you to feel overwhelmed and anxious. It can also be characterized by feelings of sadness, physical fatigue, and even depression. Whether you’re someone that usually loves the hustle and bustle of staying busy or you keep your workload to a minimum, burnout can happen to anyone.

My life is going well, so why Do I Feel Terrible?

While there are many possible explanations for feeling burned out, one of the most likely is that our expectations are simply too high. We’re surrounded by images of happiness and perfection, making it hard to feel normal if our own lives don’t quite meet the standards we see in magazines, TV, or social media.

Additionally, many people feel lonely or isolated during certain times of the year. This can be a particularly difficult time if you’re missing your loved ones who live far away or you’ve lost someone close to you.

Finally, the stress of job, family, community or church responsibilities or even just the pressure to live up to our own expectations can take a toll on your mental health. 

Together, these factors can create a perfect storm of negative emotions that lead to burnout. 


Are these feelings normal

Are These Feelings Normal?

Absolutely! While it may appear as if everyone else’s life is fabulous, there’s a good chance they are having similar feelings. According to a recent study, a third of Americans suffer from ‘Festive Burnout’ even before Christmas arrives. And 68% of people consider the holidays to be a stressful time. So you’re definitely not alone, and it will pass.


How can I cope with holiday burnout

How Can I Cope With Burnout?

The good news is there are lots of strategies for coping with burnout that could put you back into a better mindset—or at least render you a little more relaxed for the remainder of the season. 

1. Plan Ahead.

Grab a calendar, make a list of everything you need to get done, and spread the tasks out appropriately. Don’t try to do everything in one day. Instead, plan a day for shopping, another day for wrapping, a time for filling our cards, a trip to the post office, etc. Leaving things until the last minute is a recipe for burnout.

Also, pencil in all the family gatherings, office parties, events, concerts, and anything else that’s happening during the days leading up to Christmas. If you know ahead of time what celebrations you will be attending, you can better prepare yourself and not feel so overwhelmed about it all. This leads us to our next tip:

2. Lower Your Expectations.

Maybe you have the perfect Norman Rockwell picture in your head of how life is “supposed to be.” However, the reality is that perfection is an illusion and the most memorable are those that are not over-orchestrated. Therefore, it really is okay if things don’t always go as planned.

Try to lower your expectations and aim for a life that is “good enough” rather than holding on to visions of how things “should” be. You will likely find it to be freeing, and you’re “good enough” life might turn out to be the best ever.

2. Make Time for Yourself.

During busy times, it’s easier than ever to over-indulge in unhealthy foods, alcohol, and sweets. But you already know those things can leave you feeling sluggish, under the weather, and even grumpy. So try to maintain healthy eating habits as much as possible while still enjoying what you love. 

For example, have one cookie instead of five. Opt for a seltzer with lime instead of that vodka tonic. And don’t neglect your exercise schedule, either. 

Self-care also means taking time to rest and relax. That will look different for everyone, of course. It might be a nice hot bath and comfy clothes for some. Other people unwind with a good book and a cup of tea. There are many ways to take care of yourself, but the important thing is that you prioritize some “you time.”

Self Care – a Visit to La Belle Vie 

Taking time for yourself is vital to avoid burnout. Of course, the last thing you need is to cram a lengthy procedure into an already packed schedule. But we have many quick treatments that can help you relax, rejuvenate, and bring you comfort and joy during a particularly stressful week. Here are a few ideas:


Skin Care Spa Services:

If you want to feel relaxed and beautiful at the same time, a professional facial is the way to go. Our master aestheticians can pamper you with one of several facials that target your specific skin care needs. Some of these include:

  • Remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and exfoliate for a deep-down clean.
  • Hydrate and moisturize, helping your skin look younger and brighter
  • Massage your lymphatic drainage system to give you healthy, glowing skin.

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our skincare services. We also have acne masks, brightening masks, antioxidant masks, peels, dermaplaning, Diamond Glow, and many other fast and effective treatments.


IPL Photofacials:

This 30-minute treatment uses intense pulses of light that penetrate deep into your skin. This process stimulates natural collagen production and can treat pigmentation issues, blemishes, age spots, large pores, and more.

There is no downtime after having a Photofacial, and any redness or irritation should disappear within a few hours. Many clients see results right away, while other times, it can take a few days to a week to notice improvements.


LED Light Therapy

Many of our clients love to come in for an LED Light Therapy session.

This rejuvenating treatment uses red light to make aesthetic improvements to the skin. It can help with many concerns, including:

  • Circulation
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Skin conditions like eczema, acne, and rosacea
  • Problems related to RLS and low thyroid
  • Wrinkles and fine lines

LED light therapy may even help you get better sleep and aid in weight loss efforts. You can have it alone or as an add-on treatment to one of our facials.

Vitamin B-12 Shots

It’s easy to get sluggish and run down when you’re on the go and not taking care of yourself as you should. So pop into La Belle Vie for a Vitamin B-12 shot. A megadose of B-12 could be just the thing to put some pep back in your step!


Closing Thoughts

Burnout can result from taking on too much. Many feel overwhelmed by the pressure to keep up with expectations set in large part by social media. All of that can be tiring over an extended period of time. If you’re feeling especially stressed out, devote some time to yourself. Take a nap, meditate, call a friend—whatever it is that helps lift your spirits and makes you feel relaxed again.

This, in turn, will help to reduce stress levels in the long term.  Taking care of yourself will help improve your mood and strengthen your immune system. Remember, if you aren’t feeling well, you won’t have the energy to enjoy life.       


Do you have a question about one of our services or treatments? Feel free to reach out anytime. We’d love to hear from you!