Coolsculpting Your Thighs

Coolsculpting thighs in Draper
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If you are unhappy with the appearance of your thighs you may consider a cosmetic procedure to improve their appearance. It can be challenging to know what works and what doesn’t. CoolSculpting is approved by the FDA, which means that it has gone through the process necessary to prove it is beneficial and does what is claims.

The CoolSculpting Procedure

If you are interested in CoolSculpting thighs, you may be curious exactly what you should expect. CoolSculpting is non-invasive. You will not be under any anesthesia during the procedure, and there are no incisions made or needles used.

The procedure involves using a machine to cool the layer of subcutaneous fat on the area you want to treat. The intensive cooling procedure destroys fat cells, after which they are absorbed by the body. This process works best when you are already at your ideal weight before having it done.

The Benefits of CoolSculpting In Draper

CoolSculpting thighs can provide a smooth, firm look that you may have hoped to get from diet and exercise alone. It can be frustrating to reach your ideal weight and not have the body you had hope for. If you have put in the work to reach your ideal weight and are dissatisfied with the look of your thighs, this procedure can help you meet your goals.

What to Expect During Coolsculpting

This procedure is completed with a handheld applicator. The healthcare provider will place a gel pad on the area to be treated, then use the applicator on the area. The applicator cools the area, targeting fat cells. Your healthcare provides will move the applicator around the thigh to ensure the entire area is treated.

The process is not painful, although you may feel mild pinching or pulling while the healthcare provider it moving the applicator. After the area is cooled, the provider will probably massage the inner thighs. This breaks up the deep tissue, which improves results. While the massage may be slightly uncomfortable, it is important because it helps the body absorb the cooled fat cells.

Another of the benefits of CoolSculpting in Draper is the time it takes. The procedure lasts about 35 minutes for each thigh. Once completed, results are noticeable within three weeks. You can expect to see continued improvements, with maximum results after about two to three months.

The ideal candidate for this procedure is already close to or at their goal weight. There is little downtime after the procedure, and you can typically resume normal activities pretty much right away. You will probably have some bruising after the procedure, which you can minimize by avoiding anti-inflammatory medications before you undergo the procedure.

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