What is FemiLift™ Vaginal Rejuvenation?

As women, millions of us suffer from vaginal irregularities that impact our daily lives. What if there was one brilliant solution to what seems like complicated ‘lady part’ problems? From eliminating urinary incontinence to increased sensation and natural lubrication for enjoyable sex (again); vaginal rejuvenation is the answer for women...

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Liposuction vs Coolsculpting™

When results from dieting and exercise just aren’t enough to reach your ideal figure, you may be considering liposuction or Coolsculpting™. Each procedure is very different but the end results are the same – an improved body shape. The decision to go one way or the other will greatly depend...

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The Vampire Facial, Scary or Not Scary?

Like many of you, I’m obsessed with beauty blogs and always looking for the latest and greatest trend in skincare. I’m a 30 something, busy marketing executive, with 3 kids. I don’t have an endless beauty budget or time in my schedule for constant upkeep, so I’m always searching for...

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