Effective Age Spot Removal in Draper, Utah

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Age Spot Removal in Draper Utah

Age spots are a regular part of the aging process, but they can sometimes be confused with spots indicative of a more significant health issue. Whether due to health concerns or general aesthetic purposes, you may want to have age spots removed in Draper, Utah.

Age spot removal is a relatively straightforward process that uses a laser to burn off the melanin cells that cause the spots. At La Belle Vie Medical Care & Aesthetics, our highly trained specialists are well-versed in age spots and their removal. So if you have some pesky age spots you want to get checked out or removed, keep reading to learn more.

What Are Age Spots?

What Are Age Spots?

Age spots—also called liver spots—are flat black, brown, or tan spots that appear in various places on the skin and are common with age. People who have spent a lot of time in the sun throughout their lives are most prone to age spots, and they will most commonly appear on highly sun-exposed areas of the body. Age spots are harmless and don’t require any treatment, but sometimes they can be confused for skin cancer, so it’s always good to get them checked out.


How Do Age Spots Occur?

Age spots can appear anywhere as a natural effect of aging. But they most often appear on areas of the body that have been frequently exposed to the sun. If you haven’t worn sunscreen much throughout your life, these are the places you will start to see age spots. Age spots are a collection of condensed melanin cells that are your body’s attempt to protect itself from further sun damage.


Are Age Spots Skin Cancer?

Age spots are NOT skin cancer! At first glance, age spots might look like cancerous growths, and you might become scared. However, while skin cancer (such as melanoma) might appear similar to age spots, actual age spots are not dangerous and do not indicate that you have cancer. And truthfully, age spots generally also do not need to be removed. But for cosmetic reasons, many people prefer to have them gone.

Is It Safe to Remove Age Spots?

Is It Safe to Remove Age Spots?

It is safe and quite common to remove age spots using laser technology. The process is relatively quick and painless, simply using a laser to blast the areas with light a few times to get the melanin cells to dissipate. This is a common procedure at La Belle Vie in Draper, and we are well-equipped to get rid of your age spots.

You may have noticed commercial creams and other topical treatments designed to fade age spots. But laser removal is a much more effective method. If you are curious about how we can safely remove age spots, call us to schedule a consultation today.


What Should I Expect During an Age Spot Removal Procedure?

First, we will explain the entire process to you before your procedure. Then, using our state-of-the-art Harmony®XL light treatment, a La Belle Vie professional will expose your age spots to short pulses of light. The treatment is relatively quick, and you will be free to return to normal activities immediately after.


What Should I Expect After an Age Spot Removal Procedure?

Immediately after the laser procedure, your skin will probably be mildly red and irritated. And you may have a little swelling for a few hours following.

Within the first 24 hours after the procedure, age spots that have been treated with the laser will begin to get significantly darker. This is normal. In fact, within two weeks, the spots may continue to darken. However, they will eventually flake off or fade. Unfortunately, dark spots may come back in the sun, so the only way to prevent further occurrences is to cover your skin from the sun and consistently wear SPF when you go outside.

Is Age Spot Removal Painful

Is Age Spot Removal Painful?

Pain is very minimal or nonexistent with age spot removal procedures. Most people don’t report any pain with the procedure. Those who do feel it describe it as the sensation of a rubber band snapping against the skin. The spots flaking off are also not painful, as they will simply fall off just as normal dead skin does.


Are There Any Side Effects to Age Spot Removal?

There are very few possible side effects to removing your age spots using a laser, and none that are actually dangerous. At most, you might experience some temporary pain, blistering, or swelling and redness. Additionally, there is a low possibility that the laser could have adverse effects on them, including darkening of the spots, lightening of the skin surrounding them, or a small scar.


How Much Does Age Spot Removal Cost?

At La Belle Vie, laser removal for age spots is very affordable. Small areas cost less, while large and extra-large areas will cost a bit more. If you have many sites where you want age spots removed, you may want to schedule a consultation before making any laser appointments.

Costs can vary depending on the person and the severity of the areas that need to be treated. However, at La Belle Vie, we offer excellent financing, membership deals, and monthly specials that can help you offset the cost of age spot removal.

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How Many Age Spot Removal Treatments Do I Need?

Most age spots can be eradicated with the laser after 1-2 sessions. However, the number of sessions you need will depend on how many age spots you have, how dark the spots are, how large they are, and where on the body they are located.

If you come into our office for a free consultation, our medical professionals can walk you through how many sessions may be required for you.


Should I Get Age Spot Removal?

If your age spots bother you, there is absolutely no harm in having them removed! In fact, removing your age spots can help you improve your confidence and make your skin appear rejuvenated, younger, and free of sun damage.


Our Other Treatments

Many of our clients prefer to do several aesthetic treatments at once. While visiting our medical spa in Draper, Utah, you might consider other procedures, such as:

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Of course, we have dozens of other exciting treatments at our medical spa in Draper. Visit us or call today to start your journey to a whole new you!

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