3 Ways to Feel More Confident

Feel More Confident with La Belle Vie
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Self-confidence can often feel like a chicken and egg scenario- do you feel confident because you look great, or do you think you look great because you feel great? Whatever the answer to that riddle may be, one thing is for sure: looking great and feeling great are very much intertwined and the effect that one has on the other is indisputable. If you are looking to increase your self-confidence, try these 3 easy and straightforward tips that can help you to feel better inside and out!

1. Focus on Your Strengths

While it may have been common practice to work on your flaws and try to correct your less desirable traits, there is a much better approach! If there is something that you know you are great at, such as planning and organizing your schedule and that of your family, take some time to appreciate this strength and acknowledge your positive abilities. Developing your strengths, while also minimizing less than stellar attributes, is a healthy way to flip the script and create more positive self-talk. Do you have a long-dormant hobby or skill that you have been neglecting? Rekindling that spark is another way to increase your confidence and face the world feeling like you are making a positive contribution!

2. Take Good Care

Treating yourself like the important being that you are can take a lot of different forms for every individual. For some, it means working less and spending time with family, for others, it is dedicating more time to a hobby or passion. Whatever is most important to you and helps you feel that your life is full and meaningful, it is important to make it a priority. Everyday practices are another aspect of this philosophy: eating healthful and nutritious foods, getting enough sleep, and exercising and staying active are all effective ways of valuing yourself.

3. Keep Learning

Whether you have always wanted to learn a new language or sharpen your pottery skills, continuous learning is a great way to build confidence! And, as an added bonus, by continuing to use your grey matter you will be less likely to develop early-onset dementia and other neurological issues. Venturing out of your comfort zone is one of the most effective ways to feel revitalized, and once you get over the initial sense of fear, knowing that you tried something new is incredibly empowering. If you really want to challenge yourself, try doing something new, or something that scares you, every month, you’ll be surprised at the positive impact this can have on your life!

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