3 Reasons Why CoolSculpting™ Makes the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

CoolSculpting™ Makes the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift
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Being a Mom can be stressful and stress hormones cause weight gain, especially around the waistline. Due to hormones, a Mom’s body changes after pregnancy and menopause causing unwanted fat pockets. Luckily, the FDA approved a non-surgical cryolipolysis alternative in 2005 called CoolSculpting™ to help contour the body by freezing away unwanted fat with no downtime. This safe, life-changing procedure makes the most thoughtful Mother’s Day gift to thank the wonderful mom or wife in your life. Here are the top three reasons why Coolsculpting™ makes the perfect Mother’s Day Gift:

CoolSculpting® For Real Results

The CoolSculpting® procedure is customized for each individual to target problem areas and eliminate stubborn unwanted fat. The cryolipolysis technology used in CoolSculpting® works by freezing fat cells, essentially killing the fat cells that are then shed naturally.

CoolSculpting® Is a Non-Invasive Procedure

Often referred to as a no-knife alternative to liposuction; CoolSculpting® is an incredibly effective, non-invasive office procedure. Mom will certainly appreciate:

  • NO Surgery
  • NO Needles
  • NO Anesthesia
  • NO Incision
  • NO Downtime!

Mom Will Love the Long-Lasting Results

Give the special lady in your life the confidence of a beautifully contoured body with the long-lasting results from CoolSculpting®. Paired with changes for a healthy lifestyle, Mom can enjoy her new slimmer silhouette indefinitely (unlike chocolates or flowers).

What Mom Can Expect During Her Coolsculpting™ Treatment

An in-office CoolSculpting® treatment at LaBelleVie Medical Care & Aesthetics in Draper, Utah will last between 35 – 60 minutes per visit. Most individuals will need 1 – 3 treatments to achieve their ideal results. Here is what Mom can expect during her CoolSculpting® treatment session, after her initial consultation with Kelly Lance, CPN at LaBelleVie:

  • Mom will be shown to her room and put on disposable undergarments to protect her clothing.
  • As a guide for the intended treatment zone, the caring LaBelleVie Clinician will then mark the desired target area for the CoolSculpting®
  • A special CoolSculpting™ gel cloth is laid over the area to serve as a barrier to protect sensitive skin against the extreme cold.
  • Then the targeted area will be suctioned into an application cup (available in four different sizes).
  • Next, a timed cooling cycle begins to crystalize underlying fat cells at -10°C, without affecting delicate surface skin or surrounding tissue.
  • For the next 35 – 60 minutes, Mom can sit back and relax. She is welcome to bring a magazine, book or laptop to help the time go by faster.
  • The trained LaBelleVie Clinician will then massage the treated area aggressively for one minute and gently for another minute. *Most patients agree that this is the most uncomfortable part of the entire process.
  • Just like that, the procedure is done! We recommend that Mom brings comfortable, loose clothing and brings a spandex-like tank top or camisole to wear after the treatment.

CoolSculpting™ at La Belle Vie Medical Care & Aesthetics in Draper, Utah

CoolSculpting™ treatments are an inexpensive way to give Mom the results she wants with no surgery and no downtime. Give the deserving Mom in your life gift of CoolSculpting™ in Utah for Mother’s Day. La Belle Vie is currently offering the revolutionary CoolSculpting™ procedure for proven results at a low introductory price for Mother’s Day.

Help your Mom or Wife look and feel her best click here or call us at 801-683-0356 for more information.

Kelly Lance