Reasons to Get Laser Hair Removal During Fall or Winter Months

Laser Hair Removal Advice from La Belle Vie Medical Care & Aesthetics in Draper Utah
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Warm weather equals shorts, tank tops, swimsuits and the tedious business of hair removal. Imagine never having to shave again with a revolutionary hair removal solution to achieve permanent hair growth reduction of up to 90%. Incredible laser hair removal treatments are pain-free but will require a bit timing and planning for the beautiful smooth skin you desire to fully enjoy the summer season. 

While you can schedule laser hair removal at any time during the year, it’s best to begin the process well before the spring and summer months. In the industry, October through April is known as laser hair removal season. The colder autumn and winter seasons are the perfect time to undergo laser hair removal for many different reasons to avoid cutting into your enjoyment of the coveted sun-kissed days of summer.

Timing for Summer

For the best permanent hair removal results, your laser hair removal process includes multiple sessions over the course of a few months from start to finish. Most individuals require between three to six treatments sessions with four to six weeks between each treatment.

Since the length of your laser hair removal process is spaced over the course of time, the professional aestheticians with La Belle Vie recommend late fall to early winter to begin your laser hair removal treatments. You will be ready to spend time outdoors and soak up the sun – without the need to shave – by the time you complete your last session.

Admit It, You’re Already Not Shaving

Laser hair removal preparation is easier in the winter because active-growth hair follicles are required for the most effective results. So that means that you will need to forego shaving, waxing, plucking and using depilatory cream to make sure some amount of hair is left in the follicle for treatment.

Preparing for your treatment will require you to shave the target area two days before your appointment to make sure there is enough stubble to effectively direct the laser into the follicle. Treatment is more difficult in the summer months when we strive for smooth, stubble-free skin. The cozy sweaters and long pants of winter help keep prickly stubble covered up during your laser hair removal process. 

Limited Sun Exposure

Dark hair and pale skin are the best combinations for laser hair removal and the golden skin of summer may significantly decrease the effectiveness of your treatment. This is because tanned skin requires reduced laser settings that will, in effect, lessen the desired results. Treatment cannot be performed on deeply tanned or sunburned skin. 

In the winter months, your skin will be your natural shade or only slightly tanned without the daily sun exposure of summertime. Laser hair removal performed on your normal skin is recommended to reduce inaccurate laser settings that can potentially damage your sensitive skin.

It is recommended that you protect your skin in the weeks leading up to your first laser hair removal treatment by reducing sun exposure. You will need to avoid sun exposure after laser hair removal treatment as well because post-treated skin will be sensitive and more susceptible to the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UVA) rays.

Hair-Free™ Laser Hair Removal in Utah

Hair-Free™ laser hair removal treatments at La Belle Vie works in combination with the patented DualChill™ treatment tip to keep the skin’s surface cool and comfortable while our specially-designed infrared diode laser gradually heats hair follicles with targeted energy. Benefit from our comfortable hair removal process for a predictable, permanent result that you will love.

Give Yourself the Gift of a Permanent Hair Removal in Utah

What could be better than the smart, long-term gift of permanent hair removal for the holidays? Imagine moving into the carefree spring and summer days without having to worry about stubble. La Belle Vie Medical Care and Aesthetics is pleased to offer our cost-saving membership and rewards programs, incredible monthly specials and financing options for our comfortable, effective laser hair removal treatments. Contact La Belle Vie located in Draper, Utah for a complimentary laser hair removal consultation. We will help you develop a plan with convenient scheduling to ensure you are hair free and silky smooth for bikini season.

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