FemiLift for a Tighter Vagina

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Many women have trouble with dryness, pain during sex, or a loose vagina, leading to poor sexual experiences and less intimacy with their partners. Fortunately, FemiLift is a safe and painless way of tightening up your vaginal canal. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can get a tighter vagina with this highly effective new procedure.

Surgery is an expensive and risky process that could have unwanted side effects. FemiLift, on the other hand, requires no downtime or recovery period and costs a tiny fraction of the price! Read on to discover more. 

What Causes a Loose Vagina?

It’s true that your vagina can change over time. As the years go by and you experience childbirth or age, your vagina may lose some of its elasticity and become looser than before. This is entirely normal for most women as their body goes through changes from aging to pregnancy and birth and all that life throws at them. This doesn’t mean anything has gone wrong, it’s just different!


Your vagina changes after childbirth. It’s natural for your vaginal muscles to stretch and change shape. After all, they need to accommodate the passage of a baby through the birth canal! This is completely normal and something that most women experience after giving birth.

If forceps or a vacuum were used during a vaginal delivery, stretching may be even more pronounced. This also holds true for women who have experienced an episiotomy or tearing while giving birth. 

Most women find their vagina is a little looser after having a baby than it was before. It can take a few weeks post-childbirth for things to snap back into place, but usually, the issue will resolve on its own. However, for some women—especially those who’ve had multiple births—their former tightness does not return. FemiLift offers a solution.


The change in your vagina’s elasticity is a natural process that will happen as you age. Hormonal changes during the perimenopausal phase of life can have a dramatic effect on one’s vagina. These changes typically become even more noticeable once you reach full menopause, when symptoms are at their most severe!

Most women start becoming aware of the changes in their 40’s, although the timing varies from person to person. Your estrogen levels will begin to drop, which means that your vaginal tissue may become thinner and drier without adequate lubrication or arousal; it also becomes less acidic, which can cause irritation for both partners during sex. Intercourse may start to be uncomfortable, and you may even avoid it. 

It’s important to note that you can still have these symptoms even if you have not experienced childbirth. 

Non-Surgical Vaginal Tightening With FemiLift

FemiLift is a revolutionary laser technology developed by Alma Lasers that offers patients an effective and efficient solution to treat many feminine concerns. It’s one of the only FDA-approved treatments for laser vaginal rejuvenation, making it an extremely popular choice for our patients at La Belle Vie.

The procedure is considered aesthetic, so there is no surgery or anesthesia involved. 

vaginal tightening procedure

How Does FemiLift Work to Tighten Your Vagina?

FemiLift is a quick and easy procedure that stimulates the vaginal lining to regenerate, relieving symptoms of laxity. Leading doctors have endorsed it as an effective way for women to keep their vaginas tight without surgery or invasive procedures. With this procedure, a clinician inserts a patented laser probe inside of you, rotating a light beam 360 degrees.  


This fractional CO2 laser then creates tiny abrasions to the skin inside your vaginal canal. The microscopic wounds trigger the production of collagen, which creates thicker tissues in your vagina. This essentially bulks up your vaginal walls, decreasing their diameter. FemiLift also improves blood flow and increases your body’s natural lubrication.

As you might imagine, a vagina that feels tighter and has improved lubrication and blood flow can make a world of difference in the bedroom. 

Femilift for vaginal tightening in women

Does FemiLift Hurt?

FemiLift is a painless procedure that is no more uncomfortable than a brief gynecological exam or inserting a tampon. If you are worried, we can apply a topical anesthetic. Most patients have reported feeling relaxed and comfortable during the entire process, which typically takes less than 30 minutes.

Will I Need More Than One FemiLift Treatment?

The current recommendation for the best vaginal tightening effects is for patients to undergo three treatments over three months. However, this is not to say that our patients don’t experience changes right away. Most women notice an improvement in the first few weeks, and some notice rejuvenation immediately. Occasionally, some ladies will need additional treatments. 

Is FemiLift permanent?

For vaginal laxity, most data suggests three treatments over 12 weeks and a “touch-up session” after one year. You will typically feel the tightening effect for several years to come.

What Should I Expect After the Procedure?

Following the FemiLift treatment, there is no required downtime, and you can get back to your normal activities immediately. Some women may experience minor spotting or vaginal discharge.

The only restriction is that you need to abstain from using tampons or having sexual intercourse for three days.

Following the procedure, you should start to notice a gradual but dramatic improvement in sensation, lubrication, sexual function, and tightness. Be prepared for more intense orgasms and heightened pleasure!

Are There Other Benefits of FemiLift?

Yes! Those who undergo the FemiLift procedure may also experience other physical benefits, including:

No More Urinary Incontinence

Some patients undergo FemiLift for relief from embarrassing leaks when laughing or sneezing. That’s because the procedure also tightens the tissue at the base of your bladder, which often resolves urinary incontinence issues.

Prevention of Recurrent Infections

Some women suffer from persistent vaginal infections. Thanks to its ability to restore a normal PH balance to the vaginal environment, many women experience a significant reduction (and even total prevention) of certain vaginal infections. The most common of these are UTIs and bacterial vaginosis (BV).

Restore Your Youthful Vagina 

Are you ready to rejuvenate your youthful vagina and experience sexual pleasure again?

At La Belle Vie, we specialize in helping women bring sexual energy and pleasure back into your relationship. Often, we pair FemiLift  with the O-Shot® to give your libido a boost. Get in touch today to discuss your options. 



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