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It may seem like many of our services are targeted specifically at women. However, we know men want to feel good about their bodies just as much as women do! We offer specialized services at La Belle Vie specifically for our male patrons, and one of these services is Coolsculpting for men! While you may have heard of Coolsculpting before, you may not have considered that men can enjoy the benefits of this procedure as well! So if you want to learn more about how we approach Coolsculpting treatments for men, this article will fill you in on all the details.


What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a cosmetic fat elimination procedure, one of several signature services offered at La Belle Vie Medical Spa in Draper, Utah. This non-invasive fat reduction procedure is the first one that’s been FDA-approved to improve the appearance of relaxed tissue as well as reduce fat. While the original use of Coolsculpting was to eliminate stubborn fat around the double chin, its use has been expanded to include several other areas of the body.

Is Coolsculpting Safe?

Coolsculpting is entirely FDA-approved and safe! The area of treatment is massaged with a very cold wand. So some people may feel redness, swelling, or irritation in the area for a few days after. However, this is entirely normal. Serious side effects from Coolsculpting are extremely rare.


Where Can Coolsculpting Be Done for Men?

Coolsculpting has been FDA-approved for freezing fat in nine different areas on men’s bodies. So if you want to knock out several trouble spots in one visit, you can choose Coolsculpting for multiple areas in one appointment. Some of the most common areas where men have Coolsculpting treatments include:

  • Double chin
  • Axillary puff
  • Flanks (love handles)
  • Spare tire (lower abdomen)
  • Abdomen
  • Upper arms
  • Knees
  • Inner/outer thighs

Regardless of gender, it’s important to consider the specific insecurities you have about your body and the places where you’ve found it most challenging to lose fat. Once you understand the areas where Coolsculpting treatments can take place, we can determine an appropriate treatment plan for you.

Who is a Good Candidate for Coolsculpting?

If weight loss is your goal, Coolsculpting may not be the right procedure for you. Coolsculpting is not designed for weight loss. Instead, you should consider Coolsculpting if you have tried a dedicated diet and exercise program and still have stubborn pockets of fat. Sometimes, no matter how hard you work out or how well you eat, you still have fatty areas that won’t budge. If this sounds like you, you are probably the perfect candidate for Coolsculpting.

You also won’t be a good candidate for Coolsculpting if you have loose skin, poor skin tone, can’t handle the cold well, or if you are obese. Additionally, certain conditions may make you a poor candidate for Coolsculpting. These include Raynaud’s, Cryoglobulinemia, Cold urticaria, and Paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria.


What Should I Expect During My Coolsculpting Appointment?

During your first Coolsculpting appointment, we will walk you through everything that will happen during the procedure and inform you of any risks. Your provider will then place the Coolsculpting wand directly against the desired treatment area. Next, using suction, the pocket of fat will be pulled between two metal plates, and the area will begin to get very cold. From there, depending on which area of the body you’re treating, the plates will be left on for a set amount of time.


What Should I Expect After My Coolsculpting Appointment?

At the end of your treatment, your provider will massage the pocket of fat to warm it up and disperse fat cells. You may feel some tingling at this point. After the massage, you will complete your treatment and resume activities as normal with no recovery time! As we mentioned earlier, you may notice some temporary redness, bruising, swelling, or irritation, but this is completely normal and will disappear within a few days.

How Much Does Coolsculpting Cost?

There are several different price points for Coolsculpting treatments, usually depending upon the size of your treatment area(s), and the number of sessions needed to eliminate the fat. To get a more precise quote, schedule a consultation so we can discuss your Coolsculpting goals.


Why is Coolsculpting Good for Men?

Men frequently get overlooked when it comes to body image and body positivity. However, Coolsculpting is an excellent way for men to lose that stubborn fat they can’t get rid of through traditional diet and exercise. Additionally, since many men are concerned about immediately returning to work or regular activity following their cosmetic procedures, Coolsculpting is ideal. Coolsculpting does not require any recovery time, so you can return to your normal activities right away. Additionally, Coolsculpting goes to work quickly, with men seeing results in as little as three weeks!


Should I Get Coolsculpting at La Belle Vie?

If you are a man who has struggled to come to terms with your body fat, Coolsculpting at our medical spa in Draper could be the perfect solution for you. Our medical practitioners have extensive experience and expert training in aesthetic procedures. And we frequently perform fat loss treatments for both men and women. Coolsculpting is definitely not just for the ladies. We know exactly how to cater to our special male clients here at La Belle Vie!

While Coolsculpting does not permanently replace a good diet and exercise regimen, it can help you get rid of those stubborn spots of fat that just won’t budge. If this sounds like something you need help with, book a consultation with our office to decide whether Coolsculpting can help you meet your goals.


Do You Offer Other Treatments for Men at La Belle Vie?

Absolutely! We love our male clients at La Belle Vie. And our practitioners are accustomed to treating men regularly. The truth is that just about any medical spa treatment can be adjusted for men or women. For example, you might benefit from a relaxing and rejuvenating facial or hair restoration treatment. And we even have procedures specifically for men, such as the a href=””>P-shot and Priapus Toxin™. So give us a call (or text)  today to discover how we can serve you best.

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