CoolSculpting™: An Alternative to Liposuction

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Summertime fun in the sun’ can cause dread and trepidation in those of us with insecurities about our bodies. Slimming down for swimsuit season means shedding a few pounds and inches by watching what we eat and exercising regularly, but most of us struggle with stubborn areas that refuse to respond to our hard work. If you feel held back by a lack of confidence in how you look, liposuction or a no-knife cryolipolysis alternative will give you the boost you need to have fun in the sun without feeling self-conscience. Considering liposuction for fat reduction is a big decision. Liposuction is an aggressive surgical method to reduce fat that causes your body unnecessary trauma like swelling, bruising and soreness with at least ten days down time. Enter: CoolSculpting™ as a safe, non-surgical way to contour your body and freeze away unwanted fat!

CoolSculpting™ was approved by the FDA in 2005 and has given both men and women around the world the ability to permanently eliminate love handles, bra bulges and other stubborn fat pockets. Patients who choose CoolSculpting™ over liposuction can achieve up to 25% fat cell reduction per treatment with no downtime.

What to Expect for Your CoolSculpting™ Treatment

While liposuction can treat larger areas for fat cell reduction, the risk, cost and 3 – 6 weeks downtime are all factors that most of us don’t have the time or money for. Your CoolSculpting™ treatments will range from a 35 – 60 minute office visit with no downtime or recovery. Most patients need one to three treatments to achieve their desired results. Here is a guide of what you can expect during your CoolSculpting™ treatment with Kelly Lance, CPN at La Belle Vie medical aesthetics clinic, located in Draper, Utah, after your initial consultation:

  • First you will be shown to your room, disrobe and put on disposable undergarments to protect your clothing.
  • As a guide for the intended treatment zone, your clinician will mark your desired target area for the procedure.
  • A CoolSculpting™ gel pad is placed over the area to serve as a barrier against the extreme cold.
  • Next the targeted area is suctioned into the application using one of four available cup sizes.
  • Then the controlled cooling cycle begins to crystalize the underlying fat cells at -10°C, without affecting your surface skin or the surrounding tissue.
  • For the next 60 minutes, sit back and relax. We suggest you bring reading material or laptop to help the time go by faster.
  • When the cycle is done, you will actually be able to see the frozen fat cells formed in a ‘stick of butter’ shape. Kelly will then massage the area aggressively for one minute and gently for another minute. Most patients agree that is will be the most uncomfortable or even painful step in the process.
  • Unless you are having multiple areas sculpted, you are done!
  • Time to wipe off the CoolSculpting™ proprietary gel and get dressed. We ask patients to wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a Spanx-type camisole or tank top to wear after the procedure.

CoolSculpting™ at La Belle Vie in Draper, Utah

CoolSculpting™ treatments safely and effectively reduce stubborn areas of fat with no surgery and no downtime. For the best experience at the best price, La Belle Vie is currently offering introductory pricing for our revolutionary CoolSculpting™ procedure for proven results. Don’t delay, get your body summer-readyclick here or call us at 801-683-0356 for more information or to request a consultation.

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