CoolSculpt Your Neck: Freeze Away Your Double Chin

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As we roll into the holiday season and you’re gearing up for a plethora of parties, gatherings and the inevitable photo op with friends, family and colleagues alike. Many people dislike being in front of the camera because they see the flaws in themselves more than anyone else. One of the most hated flaws? That stubborn double chin that appears in photos if not taken from a desirable angle (and let’s be real, most people aren’t optimal angle connoisseurs). With modern science and medicine, there are more options than ever before to alter something on your body and CoolSculpting has become a leading source for fat reduction.

According to the CoolSculpting website, CoolSculpting is the worlds #1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure. What exactly does that mean, how does it work, and what does someone have to do to qualify for the treatment? In this blog article, we will break the process down for you from beginning to end and provide feedback and information from someone who has actually had CoolSculpting done to them to reduce their double chin as well.


CoolSculpting is categorized as “non-invasive” because it is not a surgical procedure, nor does it require any needles and because of that, there’s no downtime and you can resume life as normal as soon as you walk out of the clinic. In the words of CoolSculpting, “if you can pinch it, we can freeze it” meaning, any pinchable area of fat may be a candidate for the treatment.  After a consultation from a CoolSculpting provider, where you’ll be assessed and provided with a treatment plan, you will be able to start your CoolSculpting process.


Going in for your first treatment may feel a little daunting since you won’t know what to expect, so hopefully, this will ease some of your pre-freeze anxiety. There are a variety of applicator sizes, from petite to large, depending on the area you are having done.  For the chin, we used the second smallest size (you may use the smallest size, it depends on the size of your neck).

After an alcohol wipe sanitized the area to be treated, a gel pad sheet, with a similar consistency to a sheet facemask, is placed on the treatment zone to act as a barrier between the skin and the cold air. Once the applicator is in position, the CoolSculpting machine is turned on and a forceful pull of air suctions the applicator in place and your fat and tissue into the applicator cup. The air will feel cold at first, and within minutes the area will go numb.

Surprisingly, the air didn’t get as cold as I was expecting and ranges from 39-41 degrees.  Equally as surprising was that I wasn’t in any pain and wasn’t uncomfortable (minus my inability to speak because half of my chin was suctioned into the applicator). I was tucked into my chair with a fuzzy blanket, and I grabbed my phone to occupy my 35 minutes per side cycle time while my double chin froze away.


coolsculpting-chin-afterAs soon as your cycle time is up, the applicator and gel pad is removed from your chin and you’ll be given a massage to break up, warm up and spread out the frozen fat cells from the targeted area.  You won’t have a lot of feeling in this area immediately after because of the numbed temps, but the massage rubs warmth and life back into the targeted area. The massage is a crucial part of the process because it evens out and helps blend and distribute the frozen fat cells with your other cells around the treated area. This is the part of the procedure that is the most uncomfortable and least enjoyable but is still very manageable. If you’re really sensitive to pain, I would recommend taking ibuprofen prior to your appointment, and after, if need be.  The massage lasts for about 2 minutes, and then you’ll begin the prep for the other side of your chin where you’ll experience the same process as the side you just completed.

There are no restrictions after your treatment is completed, you’re free to drive yourself and go back to your regular routine right away!  The treated area may be red and slightly swollen for a few hours but will then resume its normal look. Everyone’s treatment plan will vary in regards to the number of treatments, but for the neck, you should expect 2-4 CoolSculpting cycles to reach your targeted goal, with treatments placed about a month apart.

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Kelly Lance