Angel Z.

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I’ve had filler in the past to help nasal folds and now it seems the filler is just making my face look over filled. I went to Kelly and we went over some options. I went for sculptra. I had a scar that sunk in a little on my right side and just one trip she fixed it. Though I know sculptra takes time to get the full effect I see a difference. She helped break up the old filler and now my face is starting to look like the face I remember. She truly has a eye to make your face look more even. I know I am on my way to a more youthful me, thanks to her. I also cannot say enough about her compassion, she has been so helpful in making me feel safe about my choice With Sculptra. I’m one that researches everything and then gets freaked out. She answered ever text with such patience. I’m so happy to have found such an amazing lady that truly knows what she is doing.

Call or Text us at 801-987-8384.

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