Stay Gorgeous With the Maintenance Package at La Belle Vie

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Is looking and feeling your best one of your top resolutions this year? Are you committed to staying beautiful in the new year? Our Maintenance Package at La Belle Vie Medical Care & Aesthetics in Draper can help! This package includes a range of fantastic services that can help you maintain your look and stay gorgeous all year long. If you want to learn more about our maintenance package and other special aesthetic services – keep reading!


What Is the Maintenance Package?

Our Maintenance Package is a bundle of services that encompasses various lifting and youth-boosting procedures. Included in our maintenance package, you will receive the following:

  • 30 units of Botox, Jeuveau, or Dysport every four months
  • Two threads to lift
  • One syringe to fill
  • One lip-line and plump

This collection of services takes the guesswork out of booking your appointments and gives you adequate numbers to work with when planning your procedures. In the following sections, we’ll discuss each of the services included in the bundle so you know exactly what you are getting.



Most of our clients are familiar with Botox. This popular, safe, and proven-to-work treatment can take years off your appearance by freezing facial muscles and smoothing out wrinkles. Botox works by shutting off the nerve signals between your brain and these facial muscles, stopping the contractions that cause wrinkles to form. As a result, these muscles weaken, and the wrinkles are halted, smoothing out your skin and causing you to appear younger.

Jeuveau and Dysport are also effective. And which you choose will depend on your needs and preferences. You will have the opportunity to discuss all this with your clinician so you get the desired results!

With Botox, Jeuveau, or Dysport, results typically last 3-4 months, but you may reach up to 5-6 months before touch-ups are needed.


PDO Thread Lifts

Included in this package are two lifting threads to use on your face. If you like the look of a facelift but are scared of the invasiveness and recovery time, you may be inclined to invest in thread-lifting treatments!

Non-surgical thread lifts use strategically-placed threads to create a kind of scaffolding under the skin that lifts the face and creates a more youthful “V-shape.” Most people feel little-to-no pain during thread lift procedures, and this service is gaining consistent popularity due to its excellent results. PDO thread lifts completely heal in 7-10 days and require very little downtime.

Dermal Filler Syringe

Syringes consist of dermal fillers like Juvederm or Restylane. These fillers can be used virtually anywhere on your face to create plumpness and add volume, giving you a more youthful, rejuvenated look. Fillers do the heavy lifting in terms of lifting your skin, filling in wrinkles, and eliminating fine lines.

Many people are nervous about fillers after seeing horrific results on social media. But rest assured that our medical experts at La Belle Vie won’t leave your face looking frozen, distorted, or over-plumped. Instead, we use a moderate amount to add volume to more sunken or wrinkled parts of your face. After breaking down your goals and needs, your aesthetician will help you decide on the most suitable filler for you.


Lip Line/Plumping

As part of the Maintenance Package, we’ve also included a lining and plumping procedure for your lips, which consists of a lip plumping and popping service. A lip plump procedure involves adding dermal filler to the lips to help them become more voluminous. A lip pop procedure is where Botox is added around the outer edge of the lip to allow the lip line “pop” out a bit more and become more pronounced and defined. These procedures usually cost between $400 and $600, so this represents an excellent value.


How Much Does the Package Cost?

As of 2023, the total cost of the package is quite affordable at just under $3,000*. (As our prices change, call our office for current pricing). If you are already one of our loyal customers, you know that some procedures stack up very quickly in terms of cost. By purchasing all these services at once, you’ll save yourself a lot of money on aesthetic treatments all  year! And you will also remove the guesswork from your procedures, allowing us to work with the ratios that we know are effective and natural!


How Long Will the Package Last?

That really depends on the rate at which you schedule the procedures. If you space them out, the package could last you a year or even more. However, you can also get them done over a shorter time span.

How you structure your procedures and services is really up to you, although it may be good to plan things out beforehand. If you want to know the best way to structure or space out your services, reach out to one of our clinicians when you purchase the package. They will happily discuss your goals and the best progression of services.

Are There Any Risks Associated With These Procedures?

While some slight risks are associated with Botox and dermal fillers, these are primarily risks related to allergy or rejection of the chemicals. These types of reactions are rare.

Additionally, our doctors are trained professionals who are well-versed in the risks and cautions they need to take when administering these services. You are always in good hands at La Belle Vie! If you have any specific questions about problems or side effects you might encounter, speak with one of our specialists before your appointment.


Should I Purchase The Package?

If you frequently use medical or aesthetic services in our office, this affordable bundle is an excellent option for you. Additionally, if you are new to aesthetic treatments, the Maintenance Package is the perfect way to get started without too much guesswork.


Do you Offer Any Other Yearly Beauty Packages?

You bet! In addition to the Maintenance Package, you can take advantage of a few other cost-saving promotions. For example, we are also offering aRejuvenate Package for those who are ready for a fresh, new look. It’s similar to the Maintenance Package but with a few more goodies. The Rejuvenate Package is designed for men and women who are just getting started with threads, fillers and neurotoxins. Additionally, if you would like us to help you create a custom package to fit your particular needs, we can work with you to craft a bundle of services that are tailored more specifically to your beauty goals.

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