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Reasons to Get Laser Hair Removal During Fall or Winter Months

Warm weather equals shorts, tank tops, swimsuits and the tedious business of hair removal. Imagine never having to shave again with a revolutionary hair removal solution to achieve permanent hair growth reduction of up to 90%. Incredible laser hair removal treatments are pain-free but will require a bit timing and...

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6 Non-Cosmetic Things You Didn’t Know BOTOX® Could Treat

Most people know the cosmetic uses of BOTOX® and its incredible wrinkle-reducing results. But you may not be aware of the medical benefits of BOTOX® for the effective treatment of muscle disorders, hyperactive nerves, neuropathic pain, and even some allergies. Prior to FDA approval for cosmetic applications in 1989, scientific...

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CoolSculpt Your Neck: Freeze Away Your Double Chin

As we roll into the holiday season and you’re gearing up for a plethora of parties, gatherings and the inevitable photo op with friends, family and colleagues alike. Many people dislike being in front of the camera because they see the flaws in themselves more than anyone else. One of...

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