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Vampire Breast Lift™

What Is The Vampire Breast Lift™?

The Vampire Breast Lift™ is a non-surgical breast augmentation that uses your own natural blood cells to lift the breast and nipple. There is no down time with this procedure.

The Vampire Breast Lift™  improves cleavage and can add more volume at the top of the breasts.  This is a great procedure for women who are not looking to drastically change the size of their breasts but to improve the shape of the breast and a more youthful appearance without invasive surgery.

Vampire Breast Lift™  uses your PRP.  Once the PRP is injected into the breast, the potent stem cells become activated to grow new tissue. This new tissue includes new collagen, new fatty tissue, and new blood vessels. This results in increased smoothness and a healthy glow.

The Vampire Breast Lift’s™ effects can lasts varying degrees of time. This mainly depends on the individual patient.  The entire procedure takes less than an hour and starts by performing The procedure has little to no pain involved.

Vampire  Breast Lift™ Results

Most women who have had the vampire Breast Lift are thrilled with the results. The results are due to the power of PRP and the growth factors in the cells that generate new tissue. The procedure adds shape and sensation back to the areola and nipples.

Benefits of the Vampire Breast lift ™

  • Produce Lift and Rounder Cleavage
  • Restore sensitivity lost through breastfeeding or previous implants
  • Perkier Nipples
  • Increased Nipple Sensitivity
  • Smoother Skin
  • Fill in Implant “rippling”
  • Lift inverted nipples
  • Firmer Breasts