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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Spring Awakenings – Vitamin D

Spring fills our sights and senses with color and fragrances.  The trees are in full bloom with white and pink blossoms.   As we enter the out of doors, our noses are filled with the fragrances of the lilac and other flowering trees.

Spring is the time to enjoy the out of doors, spruce up the yard, and get ready for summer.  After the long winter, the warmth of the sun feels good. The sun’s rays help to promote a happy and healthy well-being.

We all love the sun and the sun is good for us in small doses.  We get Vitamin D from the sun. Did you know that Vitamin D is responsible for the function of over 200 genes in our body that regulate growth and development?   If we don’t have enough Vitamin D in our body, it can result in obesity, diabetes, hypertension, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, osteoporosis and neuro-degenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s disease.  Adding to that list is the of research which shows that Vitamin D deficiency also plays a role in heart disease and many types of cancers, especially breast and colon cancers.  (1)

There are two forms of Vitamin D; Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 plays a role in our mood and can also help reduce pain.  We obtain 50% to 90% of Vitamin D through the sun and the rest comes from diet or supplements. Some of the food sources of Vitamin D are egg yolks, fatty fishes such as salmon, and fortified dairy products. (2)

We have all been told that the sun is bad for us and damages the skin. We put on our sunscreen and then go outside. Changing your good habits just a bit will also help to improve your overall health.  Vitamin D begins with the skin’s exposure to the sun. If you have fair skin, about 15-20 minutes in the sun will provide all the Vitamin D that you need. If your skin is darker, you may have to spend more time in the sun. You only have to expose 30%-40% of your skin to the sun. After the 20 minutes, lather on the sunscreen to protect your skin from the rays that will burn and damage your skin. (2)

So how much is too much?  You cannot get too much Vitamin D from the sun. Your body takes what it needs. Too much Vitamin D comes from supplements. A good way to measure if you need to supplement your Vitamin D, is to come into La Belle Vie Medical Care & Aesthetics and have your blood drawn. Based on your results, Kelly Lance, FNP, is able to help you with the need for supplements and the correct dosages. La Belle Vie can also help you with the best sunscreen protection for your face and neck!

So here’s to Spring with all its colors and smells. Here’s to the sunshine and here’s to a happy and healthy you!

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